Accelerate Magazine October 2020

INTEGRATED HEALTH CARE POSITIVE AND TANGIBLE EFFECTS ON BOTH EMPLOYEES AND BUSINESS We understand how important it is for employees to have health plans personalized to their needs. Employers strive for healthy, productive employees and health care cost control. Integrated health care is where it all comes together. Our 2020 research found that more than half (56%) of employers are actively integrating benefits. That number has grown by 10% in the last two years alone. 1 By integrating your medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and disability benefits, along with technology, tools, information, and the teams that deliver our services, we help bring our members and employers better care, lower costs, and greater peace of mind. Anthem Whole Health Connection ® is our integrated health care model for: Integrated health care, driven by technology, represents an opportunity for your company to: � Connect the administration and well-being programs of your medical, pharmacy, and ancillary plans. � Simplify the benefits experience for you and your employees. � Improve employee engagement and health. We are here to help delive r and support a better health care experience for you and your employees. Contact your Anthem broker or visit to learn how Anthem’s integrated health care can help your business. BETTER CARE LOWER COSTS BETTER EXPERIENCE 1 IntegratedHealthCareEmployerSurveyfindings.Theresearchmeasuredbehaviors,attitudes,expectations,andbarriersto success.Thefourwavesofresearchwereconducted in2014,2016,2018,and2020.The2020survey included300respondents (225nationaland largegroupand75smallgroup) 2Anthempharmacy,dental,andvision2019data. 3Anthem IntegratedMedicalandDentalQuantifyingValueStudyfordiabetes,cardiovasculardisease,cancer,andorgantransplant conditions,2020. AnthemBlueCrossandBlueShield isthetradenameofBlueCrossBlueShieldofWisconsin(BCBSWI),CompcareHealthServices InsuranceCorporation(Compcare)andWisconsinCollaborative InsuranceCompany(WCIC).BCBSWIunderwritesoradministersPPO and indemnitypoliciesandunderwritestheoutofnetworkbenefits inPOSpoliciesofferedbyCompcareorWCIC;Compcareunder - writesoradministersHMOorPOSpolicies;WCICunderwritesoradministersWellPriorityHMOorPOSpolicies. Independent licensees oftheBlueCrossandBlueShieldAssociation.Anthem isaregisteredtrademarkofAnthem InsuranceCompanies, Inc. 126626WIEENABS08/20 5.8 million more gaps in care closed annually following a health reminder to members and their doctor 2 34% lower medical claims costs 3 4.7% (or $8,280) lower total medical costs for Anthem members utilizing their additional dental cleaning benefit3