We also know it as process 0, 98, 79, 5, but to the general public it is the unmistakable trademark Red of Milwaukee Electric Tool. Easily recognizable, this shade of Red is one of MET’s greatest brand assets, acting as a symbol for their high quality tools. Being their print partner for over 20 years, we’ve taken personal responsibility for MET Red, dialing in our sheet-fed, web, digital and large format equipment to ensure that consistency and value remain in this color.

COLOR COORDINATED – Taking the color Red to the next level.

Inconsistency in your materials sends mixed messages to potential customers. Shifts from one marketing piece to another can leave the impression that a company isn’t paying attention to details. With MET, this could lead to a fundamental brand failure which is why we take extreme care in proofing and color calibration so that we aren’t just printing red, we’re printing MET Red.

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