Attwood 2023 Catalog FUEL 94 Deck Fills for Pressure Relief Systems EPA Certified / CARB Approved • Essential component of VaporTec and SecureStop • Dual 1 psi diurinal emission control overpressure relief safety valves • Triple high-flow vacuum valves ensure maximum make-up air flow with minumum vacuum restriction • Designed and tested to prevent water from entering the fuel system • Automatic nozzle shutoff 4–18 gpm • Hinged audible click cap meets EPA requirements • Meets CARB 13 CCR 2235 and ISO 13331 nozzle mating and retention standards • Designed and tested to prevent water from entering the fuel system • Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels • Fits 1-1/2" fill hose and 5/8" vent hose Description Body Cap Material Cap Design OEM Part # Part # Deckfill for Pressure Relief System Straight Black Plastic Scalloped 99DFPVSB1 99DFPVSB1S Chrome Scalloped 99DFPVSZ1 — Stainless Steel Scalloped 99DFPVSS1 99DFPVSS1S Stainless Steel Y1 Flat 99DFPVSSY1-1 — Angled Black Plastic Scalloped 99DFPVAB1 99DFPVAB1S Chrome Scalloped 99DFPVAZ1 — Stainless Steel Scalloped 99DFPVAS1 99DFPVAS1S Stainless Steel Y1 Flat 99DFPVASY1-1 — 99IFDV00 Y1 Flat cap Scalloped cap 99DFPVSZ1 99DFPVASY1-1 Fuel Demand Valve The integrated fuel demand valve, used in conjunction with integrated fuel systems eliminates pressurized fuel from reaching fuel distribution lines and your engine and ensures that fuel is provided to the engine on demand rather than as a result of pressure in the tank. Additional features include: • Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels • Eliminates the need for rigid fuel distribution lines in pressure relief systems (per ABYC H-24.15.9) Specifications Operating Temp Storage Temp Operating Input Pressure Flow Performance Manual Override -20˚C to 80˚C (-4˚F to 176˚F) -40˚C to 80˚C (-40˚F to 176˚F) 138 kPa (20 psi) protected for 276 kPa (40 psi) psi pressure spike 200 L/H (53 GPH) at <2 kPa* Yes *Flow performance of 99IFDV00-1 with 1/2" Pick up tube and 99DVB02-1 Barb. Other factors such as fuel lift height, anti-siphon valve, fuel hose diameter and length and fuel filter will effect overall flow performance to engine. Description OEM Part # Part # Integrated Fuel Demand Valve (IFDV) 99IFDV00-1 — Base for Aluminum Tank 99DVA02-1 — Pick-Up Tube Barb with O-Ring 3/8" 99DVB01-1 — Pick-Up Tube Barb with O-Ring 1/2" 99DVB02-1 — IFDV Installation Clip 99DVC01-1 — IFDV Plug Cap with Seal 99DVP03-1 — Heat Shield 99IFDVHS1 — Single Flange Base for Plastic Tank 99DVP05-1 —