BEP 2023 Catalog CIRCUIT PROTECTION & SWITCHES 49 Single Pole Thermal Type Breakers • Ratings: 30–150A; 30V DC • Interrupt Capacity: 3000A • Operating Temperature: -25°F (-32°C) to 180°F (82°C) • Storage Temperature: -30°F (-34°C) to 300°F (149°C) • Applications: Auxiliary and accessory circuits – trucks, buses, RVs and marine applications, battery chargers and DC audio systems. Series 184 & 185 are sealed for engine compartment and bilge area applications. • Housing: Thermoset plastic; UL rated 94VO; 311ºF (155ºC). Stud insulators are provided on covered units with F (Surface Mount) bases; tin plated copper studs, brass rivets and stainless steel locking nuts. • Mounting: Panel or surface • Terminal Stud Torque: 50 in-lb (5.6Nm) max. • Indicator: Series 184 & 185 have a unique reset mechanism providing visible indication of tripped condition • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67 (see inside back cover) • Approvals: Complies with SAEJ1625, J1171 and UL1500 (Ignition protected) specifications. Switchable Reset Rating (A) Panel Mount Part # Panel Mount OEM # Surface Mount Part # Surface Mount OEM # 30 185030P/DSP 185030P-01-1 185030F/DSP 185030F-01-1 40 185040P/DSP 185040P-01-1 185040F/DSP 185040F-01-1 50 185050P/DSP 185050P-01-1 185050F/DSP 185050F-01-1 60 185060P/DSP 185060P-01-1 185060F/DSP 185060F-01-1 70 185070P/DSP 185070P-01-1 185070F/DSP 185070F-01-1 80 185080P/DSP 185080P-01-1 185080F/DSP 185080F-01-1 100 185100P/DSP 185100P-01-1 185100F/DSP 185100F-01-1 120 185120P/DSP 185120P-01-1 — 185120F-01-1 135 185135P/DSP 185135P-01-1 — 185135F-01-1 150 185150P/DSP 185150P-01-1 185150F/DSP 185150F-01-1 Temperature and Current Rating 185100F-01-1 Switchable reset versions can be manually switched to isolate the circuit