BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 8 The BEP Smart Battery Hub is a complete all in one battery management system. Simplify battery management with remotely activated switches, automatic Voltage Sensitive Switching combined with emergency parallel functionality. Enclosed in a robust easy to install, Ignition Protected IPX7 enclosure. Monitoring and transmission of battery voltages and full house bank state of charge over NMEA 2000 for integration with multi-function displays. Options for two to six engine configurations available. Features & Benefits • Monitors and transmits all battery voltages, including house bank state of charge via NMEA 2000 • IPX7 and Ignition Protected • Remotely operated switches via analog inputs or CZone® • Ultra low power consumption • Full mechanical override of all switches for safety and servicing old NEW bug new NEW bug Smart Battery Hub Power Management Redefined 80-716-0030-00 Smart Battery Hub Twin Engine 80-716-0031-00 Smart Battery Hub Triple Engine 80-716-0032-00 Smart Battery Hub Temp Sensor (15m) 2021