2022 Marinco Catalog

marinco.com SHORE POWER 10 50A 125V 2-Pole 3-Wire Locking 50A 125/250V 2-Pole 4-Wire Locking Cable TV/ Internet 30A 125V 2-Pole 3-Wire Locking DOCK SIDE Marine Receptacles (pg Ȃ ) Corrosion resistant reinforced nylon construction. Weatherproof Covers (pg ) Yellow LEXAN ® polycarbonate with lift lid, for use with Marinco ® receptacles. Male Plugs (pg Ȃ ) Superior strain-relief system. Dust seal keeps contaminants out of terminals. Weatherproof Covers (pg Ȃ ) Heavy-duty vinyl construction, use with male plugs for superior seal. Marinco ® Dock Side to Boat Side Selection Guide Marinco ® Color Coding System 15A 125V 20A 125V 30A 125V 50A 125V 50A 125/250V Cable TV Internet 305CRR 6370CR 6369CR 7420CR 7788CR 7788CR TV97 305CRPN 6361CRN 6365CRN 102N 7717N 7717N