2022 Marinco Catalog

marinco.com VENTILATION 100 Day/Night Solar Vent • &irculates fresh air in boat cabin eliminating mold, mildew and must\ air • 0oYes , cubic feet of air hour or , cubic feet of air da\ ( model) • 5echargeable batter\ allows for hour continuous operation • 1o wiring reTuired • %uilt in on off fan switch, /(' lights and intaNe exhaust switch • +igh capacit\ 1i0h batter\ operates Yent for up to hours without sunlight on a full charge • Threads into included deck plate and can be removed from outside without tools • &omplete air and green water shut off from below • $ll 'a\ 1ight Plus models come complete with white plastic interior trim ring, insect screen, mounting hardware and an eas\ to understand installation manual • Replaces NICRO 3" & 4" snap-in deck plates (ȴts e[isting holes once snap in deck plates are removed) Solar Vent Cap • Includes screw in watertight cap Replacement Trim Ring Replacement NiMh Battery • +igh capacit\ batter\ pacN • 4.8V, 2.5 amp-hours • Replacement battery pack for current 'a\ 1ight 9ents Part # N20890 Original Day/Night Plus Vent Accessories Gasket Kit • Includes gasNets and fasteners for both 3" and 4" vents Part # 202432 Description Part # 3" White N20803W 3" Stainless Steel N20803S 4" White N20804W 4" Stainless Steel N20804S Description Part # for 3" vents N20803CAP for 4" vents N20804CAP Description Part # for 3" vents N20803RING for 4" vents N20804RING Replacement NiMh Battery • +igh capacit\ & cell batter\ • 1.2V, 2.8 amp-hours • Replacement battery for older 'a\ 1ight Plus 9ents, as well as, older model PowerVent 3000 and Day/ 1ight 9ents Part # N20790