2022 Marinco Catalog

marinco.com SHORE POWER 12 Standard Marinco standard inlets feature U9 stabili]ed glass filled pol\ester construction for long lasting strength Inlets Marinco ® power inlets are the industr\ standard Offered in three st\les, the\ all feature robust construction and corrosion resistant materials for long life in the harsh marine enYironment (ach has technical features that maNe them easy to install and a pleasure to use for the marine professional or the casual recreational boater. $ll inlets haYe an IP rating (see inside bacN coYer) Stainless Steel Marinco stainless steel inlets are solid cast marine grade stainless steel and include a heavy duty cap strap for strength and durabilit\ Contoured Marinco contoured inlets feature U9 stabili]ed glass filled pol\ester construction for long lasting strength 6 Rear Enclosure • 0ade of ȵame resistant U/ 9 plastic • $ll rear enclosures are glass filled pol\ester for strength • Integral strain relief complies with ABYC requirements. • Multiple positions allow for maximum installation ȵexibilit\ 1 (as\ /ocNȠȃ0arinco s exclusiYe (as\ /ocN 6\stem has been designed to connect the cordset (with an (as\ /ocN sealing ring installed) to the inlet and turn the locNing ring less than a Tuarter turn The tabs on the locNing ring locN into the inlet for a positiYe watertight hooN up while eliminating an\ chance of cross threading (as\ /ocN inlets haYe a threaded boss that will accept standard threaded cordsets as well. 2 The coYers on all 0arinco inlets are designed to sta\ hinged open when the cover is lifted up. This allows the boater to connect their shore power cord while the cover remains open and out of the way. A soft touch unlocks it for closing 3 Blades are nickel plated brass for maximum corrosion resistance. 4 Interior hardware is marine grade stainless steel 5 IMPROVED (xtra large tab proYides more area to simplif\ opening and closing Easy Lock™ Sealing Ring (sold separatel\) page 31 2 5 1 3 4 6