2022 Marinco Catalog

marinco.com POWER CONVERSIONS 54 1.5 Amp ChargePro ™ Maintainer .eep \our batter\ charged with this highl\ reliable, *uest $mp maintainer (xtends batter\ life and will charge, monitor and re charge \our batter\ if the Yoltage drops below 9 The maintainer can be safel\ connected to the batter\ for short or long periods of time To increase Yersatilit\ the maintainer comes with alligator clips and ring terminals for the output cable This maintainer will charge smaller batteries and maintain batteries up to $h (group ) • Ideal for sport fishing boats, sNi boats, Met sNiȇs, $T9ȇs, automobiles, tractors, riding lawn mowers and more • For Flooded, Gel and AGM batteries • &harge batteries $h to $h • Maintain batteries 1.2 Ah to 150 Ah • (nerg\ saYings mode automaticall\ shuts off the charger when the batter\ is charged The charger periodicall\ monitors the batter\ and turns bacN on when the battery falls below 12.9V. • 0aintainer can safel\ sta\ connected to the batter\ for long periods of time • /('s let \ou Nnow when the Power is O1, batter\ is being charged and when charging is complete • Includes ring terminals and alligator clips for connection to the batter\ • :eather resistant, IP (see inside bacN coYer) • wire $& plug, 1(0$ P • 3-year warranty • Meets UL 1236 and CSA Standards, cETLus Part # Output Volts Output Amps Banks Cable Length Size (WxHxD) Weight AC In 2701A 12V DC 1.5 A 1 6' 5.0"x5.8"x2.0" 127 x 147 x 51 mm 2.3 lbs 120V AC 60Hz Conforms to: I N T E R T E K L I S T E D CM C US Concealed Mounting Expanded LED Status Center Portable Foam Resting Pad Included DC Cable Assemblies NEMA 5-15P Plug