Marinco 2023 Catalog

WIPER SYSTEMS Wiper arms are available in Standard, Deluxe, and Premier styles and the primary construction material in all wiper arms is stainless steel. Deluxe arms are used on Standard and Heavy-Duty motors. The arms are available in a wide range of sizes, in both black and stainless steel finish, and regular and pantographic models. Pantographic arms use a set of two arms joined together to give a flatter and somewhat wider sweep pattern. Wiper Arms Marinco® motors are split into three categories, Standard, Heavy-Duty, and Heavy-Duty Plus, with the categories being defined by the power range of the motors. Within the three categories, there are motors designed for interior or protected installations, and motors designed for exterior installations. We offer wiper motors for all windshield sizes up to 45", which could be covered by a 30" arm and 30" blade combination, driven by a 3.0 motor. Wiper Motors & Kits 72 64