Marinco 2023 Catalog WIPER SYSTEMS 76 • Works well on curved or flat windshields • All stainless steel construction • Marine grade silicone squeegee Length Color Material Part # OEM # 12" stainless stainless 34012S 34112S 14" stainless stainless 34014S 34114S 16" stainless stainless 34016S 34116S 18" stainless stainless 34018S 34118S 20" stainless stainless 34020S 34120S Length Color Material Part # OEM # 22" stainless stainless 34022S 34122S 24" stainless stainless 34024S 34124S 26" stainless stainless 34026S 34126S Deluxe Stainless Steel Wiper Blades Length Color Material Part # OEM # 12" black stainless 34012B 34112B 14" black stainless 34014B 34114B 16" black stainless 34016B 34116B 18" black stainless 34018B 34118B 20" black stainless 34020B 34120B Length Color Material Part # OEM # 22" black stainless 34022B 34122B 24" black stainless 34024B 34124B 26" black stainless 34026B 34126B • Replaces most standard blades in boats made before 1990 • Hook and catch style Length Color Material Part # 11" stainless stainless 33901 14" stainless stainless 33919 Classic Stainless Steel Straight Wiper Blades Note: NOT for use with currently offered arms Hybrid Multi-Material Construction. Electro coated galvanized steel frame, with durable polycarbonate shell. • Designed for maximum flexibility to conform to all windshield shapes • Marine grade construction will not rust or corrode • Graphite-coated natural rubber squeegee for optimal wipe quality and durability • Streamlined shape for reduced wind-lift • Performance-tested to 500,000 cycles Length Color Material Part # OEM # 12" black hybrid 32012B 32112B 14" black hybrid 32014B 32114B 16" black hybrid 32016B 32116B 18" black hybrid 32018B 32118B 20" black hybrid 32020B 32120B Length Color Material Part # OEM # 22" black hybrid 32022B 32122B 24" black hybrid 32024B 32124B Hybrid Wiper Blades Durable polycarbonate shell Electro coated galvanized steel frame Graphite-coated natural rubber