2022 Marinco Catalog

marinco.com HORNS 83 Marinco ® , the inYentor of the first below decN horns, offers a full line of below decN horn products &oncealed horns utili]e an upright horn installation and a large grill opening to offer greater sound volume. Drop-in Hidden Horns use a fabric lined grill for water-resistant installations. The concealed trumpet horns are all air horns and provide the maximum amount of sound available in a below deck horn installation. Marinco’s Drop-in Hidden Horns combine a number of desired features into one unit including: • Simple, drop-in installation • Stylish snap-on grill with water-resistant fabric • Authentic marine sound • (as\ aftermarNet retrofit Stainless Steel Grill Cover • Horizontal style grill design • Installs oYer plastic hori]ontal st\le grills ( , , or ) • Installation requires plastic grill • Grill dimensions: 5.3125" W x 3.4375" H x .875" D OEM # 11196 Stainless steel grill OEM # 11096 .it (includes stainless steel grill coYer and plastic screw in grill ( ) Important: Please note the space requirement dimensions on some of the below deck models to ensure there is adequate room on the interior of the mounting area to house the horn assembly. Concealed horn models require a minimum 45° mounting angle to ensure proper drainage. Grills for Low Profile Hidden Horn • Water resistant fabric liner • Screw-in • 4" from hole to hole Type Color Vertical Style OEM # Horizontal Style OEM # Dimensions Screw-in White ASA 11080SC-W 11187 5.25" x 3.375" x .75" Off-White ASA — 11194 5.25" x 3.375" x .75" Black ABS 11080SC-B 11188 5.25" x 3.375" x .75" Stainless Steel 11080SC-SS — 5.25" x 3.375" x .75" Vertical Style Stainless Steel Vertical Style ASA/ABS Horizontal Style Lower Frequency for a Deeper Sound (( )) Without Grill • Same as 10080 without grill • When purchasing bulk version, grill must be ordered separately OEM # 11080 With Black and White Grills • 1ew louder d%($) rating at one meter • Fundamental frequency: 360±20Hz • 12V DC • Easy installation: 2.75" diameter hole x 1" deep • Maximum amp draw: 4A • Comes with both white ASA and black ABS screw-in grills • Grills have water resistant fabric liners • Mounts from the outside, grill screws on for easy install • (as\ retrofit Part # 10080 Low Profile Hidden Horn