Marinco 2023 Catalog

VENTILATION Properly ventilated vessels provide for a more comfortable environment aboard and eliminates the accumulation of dangerous fumes. Cowl Vents are available in both low profile and standard height contours. These vents are a perfect air intake supplement to solar ventilation, and are also commonly used as a bilge ventilating system with or without a mechanical blower. Cowl Vents Clam shell vents are ideal for ventilation needs where a taller vent would foul lines or restrict crew movement. These vents work well as stern mounted ventilators for engine compartments. Clam Shell Vents Marinco fans provide cabin comfort by direct wiring into a 12V DC system. Multiple models are available to accommodate different installations. Fans Deck plates are used to attach ventilators to the deck, hatch or hose. These plates create a clean installation and can be used with multiple material thicknesses. Deck Plates 100 101 101 102