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AUTO GLIDE KITS 24 lencomarine.com 0.2 MPG 0.4 MPG 0.6 MPG 0.8 MPG 1.0 MPG 53% 36% 30% 8% WITH AUTO GLIDE WITH AUTO GLIDE WITH AUTO GLIDE WITH AUTO GLIDE NO AUTO GLIDE NO AUTO GLIDE NO AUTO GLIDE NO AUTO GLIDE 2500 RPM 2750 RPM 3000 RPM 3250 RPM What is Auto Glide Auto Glide is an automatic boat leveling system that uses sophisticated accelerometers, gyroscopes, and advanced software to optimize the performance of the vessel. Auto Glide keeps the boat level at all times regardless of cruising speeds. It has the ability to utilize GPS data and engine data to make the vessel run at the most efficient running angle. The proper use of trim tabs makes a tremendous difference in boat performance. We have developed Auto Glide to maximize the benefits of trim tabs while simplifying operation and control. Auto Glide is constantly working to make your boat the best it can be - offering a softer, smoother and more comfortable ride. Intuitive design and control Auto Glide operation is simple and intuitive. The integrated keypad provides automatic or manual control of the trim tabs. Favorite settings can be programmed and saved based on user preference. Auto Glide can connect to the NMEA 2000 network, so trim tab position can be displayed on a NMEA 2000 multi-function screen. In addition, Auto Glide has built in diagnostics. In the event of a system issue, the keypad LED lights will flash indicating an error code. Fuel efficiency at its best Auto Glide uses data it receives 25 times a second to monitor changes in the GPS speed and engine RPM to automatically put your boat in its most fuel efficient cruising position. BOAT LEVELING SYSTEM “All of the system adjustments achieve two very important objectives. One of course is fuel economy but the more important one to us is a more stable and comfortable ride particularly in rough seas.” Bill Hayward Cruisers Yacht 48' Hands Free Trim Tab Control for the Best Ride on the Water Auto Glide is the most advanced automatic trim tab control system ever developed for the marine industry. First introduced in 2009 by Lenco Marine, Auto Glide has the sophisticated features to optimize the performance of your boat. Auto Glide™ Boat Leveling System Enhance boat performance with Auto Glide Auto Glide improves the performance of the boat, and optimizes the ride in any conditions. Some of the benefits of Auto Glide are: • Automatic pitch and roll corrections. • Automatically trims boat to the most fuel efficient position. • Takes the trim tab operation out of the hands of the operator while allowing for manual override at the touch of a button. • Reduces time to plane. • Does not adjust during turns, allowing boat to roll naturally. • Safety - Minimizes bow rise and improves boat’s hole shot performance. • Built-in automatic trim tab retraction. • Waterproof key pad and control box. • Three custom settings: “Hold” mode and (2) “Favorite” modes. • Increase in fuel savings. • Can be installed on any boat with Lenco electric actuators. • Fast and easy installation. The Lenco Auto Glide helps take your mind off of balancing your boat and back to enjoying your time on the water. Your budget will be balanced as well with the world’s best fuel efficiency features. Balance your time, your boat and your budget with the Lenco Auto Glide Boat Leveling System. Fuel saving results are based on Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius with a Volvo D6, 600 IPS, EVC, 435 horsepower engine. Results may vary depending on boat type & engine configuration.