Lenco 2023 Catalog

Second station Standard Key Pad connecting to the (ALL-IN-ONE) Integrated Tactile Switch Kit (Part # 15169-001). Add a second station key pad to your Integrated Tactile Switch by plugging into the existing harness. Single Rocker Switch with Deutsch connector and two 30" (76.2 cm) non-terminated power leads. Single Rocker Switch for hatch lifts with two 30" non-terminated power leads. Double Rocker Switch available for Standard Trim Tabs, Standard & HD Performance Tabs (single actuator versions). Does not have our Retractor feature. Includes Deutsch connectors, 36" power pigtail and mounting hardware. Rocker Switch Kit Airboat Switch Hatch Lift Switch Flybridge Switch Kits SWITCH & FLYBRIDGE KITS & ACCESSORIES 32 32 33 34