2019 Mobile Catalog

105 CIRCUIT PROTECTION bluesea.com • White actuator indicates OFF position • Single pole is available in Flat Rocker and Restricted Off styles • Single pole is frequently used for AC or DC Branch circuit protection • Double pole is available in Flat Rocker and Raised Rocker styles • Double pole is typically used for AC Main circuit protection • Raised Rocker actuator style is used for AC source selection on the 360 Panel System • International ON and OFF symbols support vertical or horizontal mounting Specifications Voltage Nominal Operating 120/240V AC Temperature Min. Operating - 40°C Temperature Max. Operating 85°C Switching Cycles 10,000 @ rated amps and volts Type Magnetic Hydraulic – Trip free Terminal Screw #10-32 Stainless Steel Terminal Screw Torque 14–15 in-lb Recommended (load terminal is 30° angled) Trip Time Delay Seebluesea.com Mounting Screw #6-32 Stainless Steel (included) Mounting Screw Torque 6–8 in-lb Recommended Regulatory Emarked, TUV certified, CSA certified, UL 1077 recognized 0.200" 5.08mm 0.156" DIA Ø3.96mm 0.750" 19.05mm TYP PER POLE 1.660" 42.16mm 0.750" 19.05mm 1.260" 32.00mm 1.239" 31.47mm OVERALL DEPTH 2.40" 60.96mm 0.750" 19.05mm 1.660" 42.16mm 2.217" 56.31mm UL 1077 - UL/CSA (US/Canada) EN60934 - TUV (Europe) DC Interrupt 120V AC Interrupt 240V AC Interrupt AC Interrupt 1 Pole 5000A 3000A 1500A 1500A 2 Pole 5000A 3000A 3000A 1500A 1.245" 31.62mm OVERALL DEPTH 2.40" 60.96mm 1.500" 38.10mm 2.310" 58.67mm A-Series Rocker Circuit Breakers Combines switching and circuit protection into a single device Cutout Dimensions 7574 Raised Rocker • Standard circuit breaker for AC Source Select panels in the 360 Panel System I 30A 7403 Flat Rocker • Standard circuit breaker used on the 360 Panel System (1200 Series) • Flat actuator resists accidental switching by being flush in the ON position I 50 7425 Restricted-OFF Rocker • Actuator shows white in the OFF position • Restricted OFF actuator can only be switched to OFF by insertion of small screwdriver into slot I 50 Part# Amps Max Volts Rocker Actuator 7399 2.5A 32V DC Flat 7400 5A 32V DC Flat 7425 5A 32V DC Restricted-OFF 7401 8A 32V DC Flat 7402 10A 32V DC Flat 7427 10A 32V DC Restricted-OFF 7403 15A 32V DC Flat 7428 15A 32V DC Restricted-OFF 7404 20A 32V DC Flat 7429 20A 32V DC Restricted-OFF 7405 25A 32V DC Flat 7430 25A 32V DC Restricted-OFF 7406 30A 32V DC Flat 7407 40A 32V DC Flat 7408 50A 32V DC Flat 7433 50A 32V DC Restricted-OFF Part# Amps Max Volts Rocker Actuator 7410 10A 32V DC Flat 7411 15A 32V DC Flat 7412 16A 32V DC Flat 7413 20A 32V DC Flat 7574 30A 32V DC Raised 7414 30A 32V DC Flat 7575 32A 32V DC Raised 7415 32A 32V DC Flat 7416 40A 32V DC Flat 7577 50A 32V DC Raised 7417 50A 32V DC Flat Single Pole Circuit Breakers Double Pole Circuit Breakers See page 174 for ABYC Interrupting Capacity Requirements.