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132 SWITCHING & MONITORING bluesea.com Related Products Water-Resistant Accessory Panels page 28 Mini Clamp Multimeter Compact and feature-rich AC/DC Multimeter simplifies diagnosis of electrical problems • Clamp allows measurement of AC and DC current in wires without disturbing the circuits or contacting live terminals • Compact size allows comfortable one hand operation, portability, and access to confined areas • Auto range simplifies operation by automatically selecting the range that best fits the data • Additional functions include: Data Hold, Overload Display, and AutoPower-Off • True RMS AC measurement is accurate for normal sine wave and modified sine wave inverter output Specifications AC Amperes 0.01–400 Amps AC Voltage 0.001–600 Volts DC Amperes 0.01–400 Amps DC Voltage 0.001–600 Volts Resistance/Continuity Alarm 0.1–40MΩ Measurement Resolution 4300 counts Regulatory Emarked CAT III, 600 Volts Includes test leads and carrying case Part# Description 8110 Mini Clamp Multimeter Specifications Cutout Dimensions 1-1/8" (29 mm) diameter Regulatory IP66 - protected against powerful water jets (see inside back cover) Mini OLED Meters Monitors essential electrical system parameters on a bright, waterproof, daylight readable OLED screen • Compact size enables mounting in any convenient location • Reverse polarity protected • Mounts in a common 1-1/8 in hole 2.109" (53.56mm) .133" (3.39mm) Ø1.575" (40.00mm) .250" (6.35mm) Quick Connect Input Terminals Side View Front/Display View 1.296" (32.91mm) Maximum Mounting Thickness 1833DCVOLTMETER .895" (22.74mm) .428" (10.86mm) 1733 Only 1733 Only Screw Connect Input Terminals 1732 & 1741 2.193" (55.71mm) 1732 & 1741 Part# 1733 1732 1741 Description Voltmeter Ammeter Temp Meter Nominal Voltage 12 / 24V DC 12 / 24V DC 12 / 24V DC Input Voltage 8V–36V DC 8V–36V DC 8V–36V DC Max. Operating Current 15mA 15mA 10mA Resolution 0.01V DC 0.1A 1°F or 1°C Accuracy +/– 1% +/– 2% +/– 1.25% Intermittent: 5 min. –– 110A –– Cranking: 30 sec. –– 175A –– DC Shunt (included) –– 9230 (100A/50mV) –– Temp Sensor (included) –– –– 1821 Monitors 8V –36V DC -100A –100A DC -40°F –250°F -40°C–120°C 1733 1732 1741 State-of-Charge Battery State-of-Charge (SoC) Knowing the State-of-Charge of your battery is like knowing the amount of fuel in your gas tank. To avoid getting stranded with a dead battery, accurate battery bank monitoring is essential. Voltmeter Method—Voltage can be used to measure of the SoC of your battery. The difference from a fully charged battery to a fully discharged battery is only 1.0V in a 12V system, so the meter must have good resolution and accuracy. This method is generally sufficient to monitor batteries which experience intermittent use, such as starter or thruster batteries. However, a battery must not have been charged or discharged for over 12 hours for this measurement to be trustworthy. This makes the Voltmeter Method unsuitable for monitoring house batteries which charge and discharge often. Amp-Hour Method—A convenient and accurate way to measure SoC is with an Amp-Hour Monitor. This is a complex calculation of the energy available, energy consumed, and energy returned to the battery during charging. SoC can be expressed as amp-hours used, amp-hours remaining until the battery is empty, or time remaining until the battery is empty. The advantage of this method is that it works well for batteries in a constant state of charge and discharge.