2019 Mobile Catalog

172 APPENDIX bluesea.com 3. Choose the Fuse Holder a) Using the fuse type chosen from the Fuse Selection Chart, follow the column down to find fuse holders or fuse blocks that meet your specific requirements b) Consider environmental factors: Ignition protection is required where flammable vapors may accumulate Example: Engine compartment Ingress protectionprotects fuses from spray, washdown, and humidity. IP66-protected against powerful water jets c) Decide between an in-line fuse holder or a fuse block: - In-line fuse holders are compact and hold a single low-amperage fuse - Fuse blocks mount to a solid surface and may hold a single fuse or multiple fuses Additional replacement fuses available from Blue Sea Systems: 20A 1A to 10A 5A to 30A MAXI® Fuse Block ST Glass Fuse Blocks 5015 5018 Crimpable In-Line Fuse Holder 5060 Waterproof In-Line Fuse Holders 5061 5062 Heavy Duty In-Line Fuse Holder 5063 5006100 SafetyHub Fuse Blocks AMI® or MIDI® Safety Fuse Block 7720 Terminal MRBF Fuse Blocks 5191 2151 MEGA® or AMG® Fuse Block 7721 CLASS T Fuse Block CLASS T Fuse Block 5502 ANL® Fuse Blocks 5005 5503 7748 LEGEND Ingress protection Ignition protection 5001 MEGA® or AMG® Safety Fuse Block 5068 5064 5065 MAXI® In-Line Fuse Holder ST Blade Fuse Blocks Battery Terminal Mount 5023 7725 5025 5026 5028 5029 Common Sourced Independent Sourced 5035 5032 Split Bus Compact Fuse Block 5045 5046 5007100 5502100 5194 5196 110A to 200A 225A to 400A SafetyHub Fuse Blocks 7748 7725 ATO® or ATC® In-Line Fuse Holders FUSE HOLDER SELECTION CHART © Copyright 2018 Blue Sea systems Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.