2019 Mobile Catalog

6 bluesea.com SYSTEM DIAGRAM MDC Siren Stereo Lights Radio Cellphone Alternator Automatic Timer Disconnect 7615 ST Blade Split Bus Fuse Block 5032 Hand-held Radio Short Stop Circuit Breaker 7155 ST Blade Compact Fuse Block 5046 ST Blade Compact Fuse Block 5045 Water-Resistant Accessory Panel 4363 The diagram above is intended for reference only. Consult an electrical professional for system design and circuit protection. DC LOADS DC SOURCES Police Cruiser System 1 Battery Bank, 1 Engine Battery Mount Switch 5991 MAXI Fuse Block 5006100 4.8A Dual USB Charger 1045 Mini OLED Voltmeter 1733 AC Current DC Current Switched Circuits 24-Hour Circuits Battery Engine Side-Entry Cableclam 1007 FOR LIGHT BAR 285 Series Surface Mount Circuit Breaker 7187 150A BusBar 2301