2019 Mobile Catalog

88 CIRCUIT PROTECTION bluesea.com Part# Circuits Cover Negative Bus Positive Bus 5032 12 Yes #10-32 stud #10-32 stud ST Blade Split Bus Fuse Block Two isolated 6-circuit fuse blocks with a negative bus. For use when a mix of switched and 24-hour circuits are desired in the same block • Common and/or independent source fuse block • Provides two isolated groups of six ATO/ATC circuits • For use with either two isolated batteries or with a single battery providing a mix of 24-hour and switched circuits • Clear insulating cover satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements and provides storage for two spare fuses • Accepts ring terminals • Easy to open, push button latch provides easy access to fuses • Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips • Includes 20 write-on circuit labels • Fuses sold separately (page 82) Specifications Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC Amperage Max. Operating 30A per circuit 100A total (not to exceed 80A per load group) Fuse Type ATO or ATC Fuses Screw Terminal #8-32 Screws with captive star lock washer Mounting #8 Screw (M4) Recommended Wire Size Positive Feed: 4-6 AWG (25-16 mm²) Branck Circuits: 10-16 AWG (6-15 mm²) Recommended Torque #10 Stud: 24 in-lb (2.71 N-m) #8 Screw: 18 in-lb (2.03 N-m) 7.35" 186.6mm 6.33" 160.8mm 2.50" 63.5mm 3.32" 84.2mm 1.51" 38.4mm Application Diagram Six 24-Hour Circuits and Six Switched Circuits 24-Hour Circuits Fish Finder GPS Stereo Clock Alarm Switch Bilge Pump Switched Circuits From Device Negative From Device Negative Baitwell Light Electronics Fume Detector Bilge Alarm Fire Detector bluesea.com/video For the full list of specifications, see page 97 Related Products ATO or ATC Fuses page 82 easyID ATC Fuses page 82