2019 Mobile Catalog

9 bluesea.com SYSTEM DIAGRAM The diagram above is intended for reference only. Consult an electrical professional for system design and circuit protection. DC LOADS Engine Engine Electronics Alternator DC SOURCES AC SOURCE MDC Lights Siren 187 Series Circuit Breaker 7144 ML Series Automatic Charging Relay 7622 MAXI Fuse Block 5006100 Automatic Timer Disconnect 7615 HD Series Battery Switch 3000 SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block 7748 P12 Battery Charger 7532 on 7512 Mounting Adapter Cellphone Radio 1 Hand-held Radio PowerBar 1991 Winch AC Current DC Current ST Blade Split Bus Fuse Block 5032 M2 OLED SoC Monitor 1830 24-Hour Circuits Switched Circuits Fire Apparatus System 2 Battery Bank, 1 Engine P12 EV Display 7517 ST Blade Compact Fuse Block 5045 M2 OLED Temp Meter 1841 MRBF Terminal Fuse Block 5194 MRBF Terminal Fuse Block 5196 Floyd Bell Alarm 1070 M LVD Low Voltage Disconnect 7635 4.8A Dual USB Charger 1039 Backlit Push Button Switch 4180 Backlit Push Button Switch 4180 Short Stop Circuit Breaker 7155 Circuit Breaker Mounting Box 3131 Sure Eject™ 7851 Sure Eject™ Pigtail 7831 Air Brake Compressor 7920 Water-Resistant Accessory Panel 4365 Safety Fuse Block 7720