2022 ProMariner Catalog

promariner.com WATERPROOF BATTERY CHARGERS 10 ProTournament Elite Series On-Board Waterproof Battery Charger The fastest battery charger with the most features in its class. Specifically designed to deliver maximum charging performance and extend battery life. *et on the water first and stay there longer with tournament winning technology. • Tournament Winning Technology 100 charge upon completion of multi-stage charging process. 100 charging output with AC power as low as 90V AC. 50 lighter and 2 to 3 times faster than traditional chargers. • Distributed-On-Demand™ Technology Automatically charges and maintains your engine crank battery while distributing all remaining charging amps to trolling motor or house battery(s). ProMariner™ Exclusive. See page 9 for details. • Digital LED Display with Dual Mode Battery Status Monitor 1 Intuitive LED display with charge mode indicators and real time charge level status with an on-the-water push-to-test feature for percent of battery power remaining. • 3 Selectable Performance Matched Charge Profiles 2 Profiles include: Standard Flooded A*M batteries, HP A*M 1 for pure lead A*M batteries like OP7IMA %lue 7op Marine %atteries, HP A*M 2 for pure lead A*M %atteries like Odyssey Marine Batteries. • Waterproof Connector Port for Optional Charge Status Remote 3 Optional tri-color LED charge mode status remote can be placed up to 12’ away from the charger. • Digital 5-Stage Charging 4 Analyzes connections and the ability for a battery to accept a charge, advance high fill rate charging, conditioning, auto-maintain (energy saving mode) and automatic once a month storage recondition mode. Automatically monitors ambient temperatures and adjusts its charging output. • Forced Induction Cooling Concealed waterproof fan provides forced air cooling for cooler operation fastest charge times. (360 Elite models only) • Built-in Safety & Pre-Wired for Easy Installation Shock resistant, space saving extruded aluminum design, dual in-line DC safety fuses for trolling motor and house batteries, over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection. • Battery Type: Group 24–31 Flooded, AGM, HP AGM batteries • 3 Year Warranty Conforms to: INTERTEK LISTED CM C US Digital LED Display with Dual Mode Battery Status Monitor 3 Selectable Performance Matched Charge Profiles Waterproof Connector Port for Optional Charge Status Remote Digital 5-Stage Charging 4 3 2 1 240 Elite 360 Elite Choosing a Waterproof Battery Charger on page 45 Cable (xtender page 43 AC Plug +older page 42 Related Products