ProMariner 2023 Catalog WATERPROOF BATTERY CHARGERS 13 Model ProTournament G360 Three Bank ProTournament G360 Four Bank ProTournament G500 Five Bank Part # 55363 55364 55505 Voltage 12/24/36 12/24/36/48 12/24/36/48 + Eng Amps 36A 36A 50A Banks 3 Banks 4 Banks 5 Banks AC & DC Cables 6' 6' 6' Size 9.3"x4.2"x14.7" 9.3"x4.2"x14.7" 9.3"x4.2"x16.6" Weight 16.1 lbs 16.8 lbs 18.0 lbs VAC / Max Amps 100–240 VAC / 8A 100–240 VAC / 8A 100–240 VAC / 10A AC Plug IEC C14 IEC C14 IEC C14 Note: For use with Group 24 through 31 Flooded (lead-acid), AGM and LiFeO4** approved batteries. Not for use 4D or 8D large capacity batteries. For these applications, see ProMariner’s ProNauticP Series on page 24. ProTournamentelite series3—Global Selection Factory Set for Flooded/Lead-Acid Batteries Stage 1 - Analyze & System Check OK During this stage the ProTournamentelite Analyze LED will pulse blue indicating it is analyzing all battery connections and ensuring each battery is capable of being charged. When completed successfully, the “System Check OK” indicator will illuminate green. This takes approximately 1 minute. Stage 2 - Charge During this stage the ProTournamentelite Charge LED will be solid red and will use all of its available charging amps (as controlled by temperature) until the battery voltage is raised to the selected absorption voltage. Stage 3 - Condition During this stage the ProTournamentelite Conditioning LED will be solid amber. During this mode batteries will be held at the selected absorption voltage to complete charging while conditioning each battery connected for up to 3 hours as needed. Stage 4 - Auto Maintain (Energy Saver Mode) During this stage the Auto Maintain LED will be solid green, indicating it is monitoring and auto maintaining your batteries as needed to maintain a full state of charge. At this time, the blue Power LED, green System OK, green Auto Maintain and green Charge Status LEDs will remain on letting you know your batteries are ready when you are. Stage 5 - Storage Recondition During this stage the ProTournamentelite will enter into its once a month Storage Recondition mode, illuminating its green LED. The LED will pulse indicating that while your batteries/boat are in storage, the ProTournamentelite is reconditioning all batteries for up to 3 hours once a month to extend battery life and provide maximum reserve power performance on the water. 5 Stage Performance Charging Overview 5 Flooded (Lead Acid) 14.5V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.4V DC AGM 1 14.7V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.6V DC AGM 2 14.6V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.5V DC LiFePO4** 14.2V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.6V DC * * Only charge approved LiFeP04 batteries. See manual or for approved LiFeP04 batteries and warnings OPTIMA BLUETOP® is a trademark of Clarios / ODYSSEY® is a trademark of Enersys. NMEA 2000® is a Registered Trademark of the National Marine Electronics Association Inc. *Patent pending ** See manual or for approved LiFePO4 batteries and warnings †Trademarks of Brunswick Corp. Year Warranty 5 Flooded Lead, AGM or LiFePO4** Batteries Energy Saving Yea Warranty 5 Flood d Lead, AGM or LiFePO4** Batteries Ener y Saving Ye Warranty 5 Flood d Lead, AGM or LiFePO4** Batteries Energy Saving Full Output 5-Stage Performance Charging Fully automatic multi-stage charging: analyzing, charging, conditioning, auto maintain (energy saver mode) and once a month storage recondition mode. Dual Function Battery Status Monitor, System Check OK and Check Battery Indicators Individual battery charge level monitor with an on-the-water push-to-test feature for percent of battery power remaining. Eliminate time consuming trouble shooting by indicating system OK or specific batteries requiring attention. 4 Selectable Charge Profiles with Temperature Compensation Standard and High Performance (HP) charge profiles: Flooded/ Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, HP AGM 1 for pure lead AGM’s like OPTIMA BLUETOP® marine batteries, HP AGM 2 for pure lead AGM’s like ODYSSEY® marine batteries, or LiFePO4** ReLion†, Mastervolt† and other approved LiFePO4 batteries. Only charge ProMariner approved LiFePO4 batteries. C13 Plug Adapters For Global Universal IEC C14 power cords. Available in country C13 plug adapters as shown (not included). Also available in weatherproof locking version (subject to availability). Australia UK US Brazil Europe US 90100 plug 92100 Weatherproof Locking Europe 90110 plug 92110 Weatherproof Locking Austria 90130 plug 92130 Weatherproof Locking UK 90140 plug 92140 Weatherproof Locking Brazil 90170 plug 92170 Weatherproof Locking