2022 ProMariner Catalog

promariner.com ACCESSORIES 43 Charger DC Cable Extenders 8niversal design for all marine chargers with ring terminal cables • 5ated up to 30A • Color coded for quick and easy installation • Waterproof dual in-line fuses • No cutting, stripping or splicing required • Slide & snap fully insulated connection covers • Corrosion resistant tinned 12 AWG copper wire and gold plated hardware • Dual inline waterproof fuses for maximum wire protection • Available in 5 ft or 15 ft cable lengths • Use with all on-board marine battery chargers when standard battery charger cables do not reach your bow, center mount or stern battery compartment locations Part # 51815 15 ft Part # 51805 5 ft Step 1: Align charger red and black wires and assemble hardware as shown Step 2: 7ighten all hardware to approximately 12 ft. lbs. Step 3: Slide and snap connection cover Easy to extend charger cables with two 1/2" wrenches 51815 51805