2022 ProMariner Catalog

promariner.com APPENDIX 46 Choosing a ProNauticP Charger ProNauticP Series chargers are designed for cuddies, cruisers, sailboats, yachts and commercial larger fishing boats. %oats in this class typically have a common ground and are set up for shore power AC and sometimes include the use of a generator and or an inverter on-board. A 12V DC common ground system is typical for most boats, however larger boats and commercial boats may be utilizing a 24V, 32V or 36V common ground DC system. Method 1 (preferred): When choosing a dry mount charger, the following information will aid in the proper selection: 1. +ow many low voltage lights are on board and total estimated amperage reTuired when they are all on? (Good rule of thumb is 1A per bulb) 2. +ow is the boat used" If there is a lot of use while at the dock, what is the total estimated DC amp draw if at the dock with all lights and DC appliances on? 3. What is the DC voltage system onboard" (12V DC or 24V DC or 32V DC or 36V DC) 4. Is there an inverter being used" If yes what is the wattage rating and DC input amps required" 5. What is the number of batteries and group size of each battery" For example: After answering the above you find you have 12V DC system with 18 DC lights on-board and a VHF radio you like to leave on with a satellite 7V for entertaining, you would find your DC amp load would be approximately 20A . Add an additional 10A for charging capacity and select a 30 amp charger. 7his would be a Pronautic1230P as shown in the chart below. Method 2: If you are not able to answer all the questions listed in method 1, you may make a selection by simply understanding the number and sizes of each battery on-board and compare it to the battery group size list on the right. Select a recovery time that is suitable for your needs. Batteries are categorized into "Group" size designations and each group size has an average number of amp hours (AH) available in each battery classification. 7he combined total of all batteries to be charged provides your total amp hours. Example: 7wo group 27 batteries (100 AH each) and One group 8D (225 AH) totals 3 batteries with a combined total of 425 AH (100 100 225 425). ProNauticP Series Model Part # Volts Charger Output No. of Batteries Cycles Total number of All Battery Amp Hours Onboard Size (LxWx+) Weight AC In 100–199 200–299 300–399 400–599 600–799 ProNautic 1210P 63110 12V 10A 2 Bank 50 60 9 Hrs 10.25"x8.5"x3.5" 5 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 1215P 63115 12V 15A 3 Bank 50 60 6 Hrs 9 Hrs 10.25"x8.5"x3.5" 5 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 1220P 63120 12V 20A 3 Bank 50 60 5 Hrs 7 Hrs 10 Hrs 10.25"x8.5"x3.5" 5 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 1230P 63130 12V 30A 3 Bank 50 60 6 Hrs 8 Hrs 10 Hrs 10.25"x8.5"x3.5" 6 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 1240P 63140 12V 40A 3 Bank 50 60 5 Hrs 6 Hrs 8 Hrs 11 Hrs 10.25"x8.5"x3.5" 6 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 1250P 63150 12V 50A 3 Bank 50 60 6 Hrs 7 Hrs 9 Hrs 12.25"x8.5"x3.5" 7 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 1260P 63160 12V 60A 3 Bank 50 60 5 Hrs 6 Hrs 8 Hrs 12.25"x8.5"x3.5" 8 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 2420P 63170 24V 20A 3 Bank 50 60 5 Hrs 7 Hrs 10 Hrs 10.25"x8.5"x3.5" 6 lbs 100-260 ProNautic 2430P 63180 24V 30A 3 Bank 50 60 6 Hrs 8 Hrs 10 Hrs 12.25"x8.5"x3.5" 8 lbs 100-260 7he %attery Charger Selector *uide is meant to be used as a guide to help determine the right charger for your needs. All charge times given are using the longest time it would take to charge a dead (50 discharged) set of batteries. In most cases, your set of batteries will recharge much faster. See battery group size table below. Battery Group Size GROUP 24 Average of 85 Amp Hours GROUP 27 Average of 100 Amp Hours GROUP 31 Average of 115 Amp Hours GROUP 4D Average of 165 Amp Hours GROUP 8D Average of 225 Amp Hours