BEP Catalog

22 BATTERY MANAGEMENT Dual Operation VSS (Voltage Sensitive Switch) and Emergency Parallel These Voltage Sensitive Switches automatically sense connected battery bank voltages and provide optimal, efficient charging of the second bank. The VSS allows for independent battery banks to be combined or isolated based on the presence of a charging source (such as an engine alternator or battery charger), while also offering remotely activated, high current, emergency parallel connection. Designed and constructed for longevity in the marine environment with tinned copper conductors, stainless steel nuts, and high temperature, fiber reinforced plastics. The units are ignition protected, provide On/Off switching operation, and may be recessed or surface mounted. • Dual battery sensing • Remote emergency parallel function: can be operated through a momentary button on the dash which will parallel the batteries for 10 minutes. Once this 10 minutes has passed, if the voltage is up high enough, the voltage sensitive switch will stay engaged. If not, it will disengage. • Manual override option 720-MDVSO benefits • Dual 12/24 volt operation (both banks must be same voltage) • Low power consumption (<6mA) • Lowered cut in voltage (13.3/26.6V) suits low output alternators and high temperature environments 80-701-0018-00, and 720-MDO-EP: Emergency Parallel Only • 10 minute remotely activated emergency parallel function (no voltage sensitive function) • 12/24 volt operation (both banks must be same voltage) Remote Emergency Parallel Switch Used for convenient remote activation of the 10 minute emergency parallel function on these motorized Voltage Sensitive and Emergency Parallel switches. It can be mounted standalone or within the Contour Connect panel range. Part # 80-724-0007-00 IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE NEGATIVE (BLACK) FOR THE MD/MDVS IS TAKEN DO THIS WILL CAUSE THE UNIT TO WORK ERRATICALLY. ONLY ONE NEGATIVE FROM THE SAME BATTERY THAT IT IS ISOLATING. FAILURE TO MUST BE SUPPLIED TO EACH UNIT FOR CORRECT OPERATION. RED GREEN BLACK THESE TWO CABLES MUST BE TERMINATED INTO WAGO PLUG (ON)/OFF SWITCH OUTPUT INPUT 80-724-0006-00 701 701 Part # in LxWxH mm LxWxH Volts (V) Rating (A) Engages (V DC) Disengages (V DC) Cable to meet rating (AWG/mm) 701-MDVS 2.7" x 2.7" x 4" 69 x 69 x 101 mm 12 275 13.7 12.2–13.00 3/0 / 95mm 2 720-MDVSO 4" x 4" x 4.3" 102 x 102 x 110 mm 12/24 500 13.3/26.6 12.7/25.4 2x 3/0 / 2x 95mm 2 701-MDVS-24V 2.7" x 2.7" x 4" 69 x 69 x 101 mm 24 275 27.4 24.4–26.00 3/0 / 95mm 2 80-701-0018-00 2.7" x 2.7" x 4" 69 x 69 x 101 mm 12/24 275 Emergency Parallel Only 3/0 / 95mm 2 720-MDO-EP 4" x 4" x 4.3" 102 x 102 x 110 mm 12/24 500 Emergency Parallel Only 2x 3/0 / 2x 95mm 2 80-701-0018-00 720-MDO-EP