BEP Catalog

39 CONNECTORS & INSULATORS Pro Installer Link Bars • A range of linking bars to complement the Pro Installer range of products • High purity copper, tin plated for optimum marine electrical performance • Fastest, most economic way of connecting products • Saves space, allows clustering for the most compact installations • Links can be doubled for higher loads Actual Size Chosing a Link Bar Step 1: Use selection guide on the following pages to determine the correct link bar. Step 2: If multiple opitons exist, see diagrams for layout options. Step 3: Find the part below or on page 41. LB-1 (marking) OEM # 779-LB-1-B 5/pkg LB-2 (marking) OEM # 779-LB-2-B 5/pkg LBZ-1 (marking) OEM # 779-LBZ-1-B 5/pkg LBZ-2 (marking) OEM # 779-LBZ-2-B 5/pkg LBJ-2 (marking) OEM # 779-LBJ-2-B 5/pkg See page 41 for amp ratings, and dimensions.