2018 Mobile Solutions Catalog

134 SWITCHING & MONITORING czone.net Installation Builders recognize an immediate benefit with reductions in cable usage, harness weights and installation times. CZone integrates many stand-alone components into one intuitive system. Wiring is dramatically simplified as CZone is designed to remove complex switching clusters and wiring runs. Modules can easily be added into the system to best suit the OEM and end-users’ needs. Configuration CZone is a fully programmable system. Configuration allows for full customization. Network CZone is NMEA 2000 certified and uses standard micro cables and connectors. This also allows a single network backbone to be installed for multiple systems (CZone and other NMEA 2000 devices). Additionally, CZone can share certain monitoring functions with other NMEA 2000 compliant screens. The CZone MasterBus Bridge Interface expands the system integration to a whole new level. No other company can bring digital switching, power electronics and navigation systems together into one interactive, seamless system. CZone simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated, cumbersome wiring to switch and fuse panels, with state-of-the- art, robust interfaces and light NMEA 2000 network cable. It also provides a sophisticated solution via the automation of complicated control and monitoring issues associated with today’s onboard systems. Versatility & Security CZone Digital Switching is designed with multiple levels of redundancy. Key CZone components feature manual fuse bypass to isolate components from the digital switching system. Configuration is hosted across multiple modules, allowing new or replacement modules to be paired to the network automatically. CZone Digital Switching is highly configurable and versatile making it ideal for nearly every application. Designed to operate from 9V to 32V systems it is compatible with nearly all mobile electrical systems. Advanced functionality features built-in timers, light dimming, alarms, voltage reducers and load shedding. The programmable logic built into CZone offers ultimate versatility and control no matter the application. iPad ® is a trademark of Apple Inc.