2018 Mobile Solutions Catalog

48 BATTERIES mastervolt.us Mastervolt Batteries: The right choice for power storage Mastervolt makes selecting the right battery easy. Whether you choose a low priced battery such as the AGM or an innovative and technologically advanced Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) battery, Mastervolt has the right battery for every application. Mastervolt has divided its entire battery range of 36 types into seven series and five different battery technologies. Each series has its specific benefits. All Mastervolt batteries offer you these advantages: • Maintenance-free • Built for safety—no gassing • Easy to install • Designed for cyclic use (charge/discharge) • Minimum self-discharge • Two-year warranty Issues to take into account: • Determining the correct battery capacity for your new battery/batteries is very important. For support and more information see mastervolt.us/ batteries. • Choosing the right battery charger guarantees the maximum lifespan of your batteries. For more information see mastervolt.us/chargers. Mastervolt’s modern 3-step+ charge technology charges your batteries safely and quickly. • A battery monitor is the best way to make the most of your batteries. Go to mastervolt.us/batterymonitor for more information. To choose the right battery, go to the table on the opposite page.