2018 Mobile Solutions Catalog

52 BATTERIES mastervolt.us MLI-E Lithium Ion Efficient power in a compact case. Ideal for automotive applications • Quick replacement for most existing lead-acid batteries • Utilize any 3 stage battery charger with absorb and float voltages between 14.2 and 14.8V • Wireless Bluetooth monitoring of voltage, amperage, and state-of-charge via Apple and Android devices • 5000 cycle life at 80% depth of discharge - 10 times the life of AGM • Fast Charging - Can accept up to 90A of charge • Integrated battery management system • Masterbus communication for intelligent energy system integration • Unlimited battery paralleling • Safe and reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) • Two year warranty MLI E 12/1200 Part # 66011200 General Specifications Nominal battery voltage 13.2V Nominal battery capacity 90 Ah Nominal battery energy capacity 1200 Wh Max. charge current 90A (1 C) Max. continuous discharge current 200A (2.2 C) Peak discharge current 350A (3.8 C) for 30s Cycle life ~5000 at 80% DoD Battery monitoring integrated MasterBus communication CAN Battery terminals M8 Mounting position upright or either long side Max. outer dimensions, lxwxh (incl. terminals/grip handles) 13.9" x 6.9" x 7.5" 353 x 175 x 190 mm Weight 27.6 lb / 12.5 kg Technical Specifications Battery chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate Protection degree IP65 Parallel connection yes, unlimited Series connection no Safety protections over voltage, under voltage, over temperature Related Products P12 Battery Charger page 32 ProNauticP Series Battery Charger page 34 Bluetooth Capable Terminals & Covers page 148 Chargemaster Plus Battery Charger page 36