2018 Mobile Solutions Catalog

6 bluesea.com SYSTEM DIAGRAM MDC Siren Stereo Lights Radio Cellphone Battery Alternator Engine Automatic Timer Disconnect 7615 ST Blade Split Bus Fuse Block 5032 150A BusBar 2301 Hand-held Radio Side-Entry Cableclam 1007 FOR LIGHT BAR 285 Series Surface Mount Circuit Breaker 7187 Short Stop Circuit Breaker 7155 ST Blade Compact Fuse Block 5046 ST Blade Compact Fuse Block 5045 BelowDeck Panel 4353 The diagram above is intended for reference only. Consult an electrical professional for system design and circuit protection. DC LOADS DC SOURCES Police Cruiser System 1 Battery Bank, 1 Engine Battery Mount Switch 5991 MAXI Fuse Block 5006100 4.8A Dual USB Charger 1045 Mini OLED Voltmeter 1733 AC Current DC Current Switched Circuits 24-Hour Circuits