Key Industries: Aerospace Automation Medical Military Metrology Semiconductor Features: Customization options Factory assembled Tight tolerances Material Options: Stainless Steel Aluminum Pressure Angle: 20° pressure angle Helix Angle: 45° standard angle Helical Gears Consistent Quality for Precision Applications Helical Gear With over 50 years of proven dependability, WM Berg is a leading manufacturer of high-quality precision parts. Specializing in AGMA quality gears, our broad array of products include standard, modified and custom options that are built to ensure your performance requirements are met. Our team of on-site specialists are dedicated to sharing engineering expertise and best pratices to support your specific application requirements. Berg offers a variety of modifications for helical gears including: • Coatings • Bore Sizes • Set Screws & Keyways • Specified Materials • Helix & Pressure Angle Benefits of our Helical Gears: • Faster Delivery - Berg‘s manufactu- ring team has reduced lead time on AGMA quality standard and modified gears by 50% using lean manufacturing and the latest in CNC turning and milling equipment. • Quality - Our standard and modified gears are consistently produced to meet an AGMA Q10 rating. • Availability - Located in the U.S., our 150,000 square foot facility provides design, development, manufacturing, assembly and prototype testing in one location. Why Berg Helical Gears: • Consistent operating quality • Modifiable to your specifications • Strong technical support • Shorter lead times