Reactors Product Catalog

Performance Specifications Component Recognized UL-508 (File #E180243) Maximum Voltage 1000V DC Ripple Frequency 300 Hz or 360 Hz Ambient Temperature 40°C Ripple Current 10% peak-to-peak Insulation System Class B (130C) Final product specifications subject to change at any time. An economical and versatile solution to solving power quality problems. DC Link Chokes The ability of our DC Link Chokes to be used across multiple applications is just one reason these chokes stand above the rest. With factory capabilities to customize mounting, inductance, current or ripple requirements, our DC Link Chokes will meet all of your needs. Solid copper box lug type available on most sizes. Specially constructed and epoxy impregnated for low noise. Series A link chokes are also available in NEMA 1-2 or NEMA 3R enclosures upon request. Understanding the DC Link Choke Series A Part Number: Mechanical Configurations 0 = Open Magnetics (No Enclosure) 1 = General Purpose (NEMA 1/2) 3 = Weather (NEMA 3R) Series A Current Rating 0004 is 4 Amps 0050 is 50 Amps 0200 is 200 Amps DC Link Choke DC A _ _ _ _ X X Reactor Relative Impedance No. 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 is lowest value) Understanding the DC Link Choke Series RB Part Number: Series RB Current Rating 4 is 4 Amps 50 is 50 Amps 200 is 200 Amps _ _ _ _ RB 00 X Reactor Relative Impedance No. 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 is lowest value) • AC PWM inverters/drives • Variable frequency motor drives • DC to AC inverters • Electrical vehicle inverters Useful Applications 22