Reactors Product Catalog RLW RL Concerned About Size 3 Concerned About Weight 3 Concerned About Watts Loss 3 Application FLA rating >750A 3 Reactor required on both line and load side 3 3 Reactor Needs To Be Robust (Handle Overload) 3 Need To Be Price Competitive 3 RLW or RL - Which reactor should I use? I I I I I I I I I Benefit 1: Equipment Protection Benefit 3: Voltage Stabilization Benefit 2: Harmonic Mitigation MTE line/load reactors offer equipment protection by limiting inrush currents, preventing damage from start-up or load changes, and reducing voltage transients, extending equipment life and minimizing downtime risk. MTE line/load reactors provide impedance to the system, smoothing out voltage spikes and sags, ensuring a stable voltage supply, and enhancing equipment reliability. MTE line/load reactors effectively reduce harmonic distortion in electrical systems, maintaining a cleaner power supply and protecting sensitive equipment. Benefit 4: Power Loss Reduction MTE line/load reactors minimize power losses by improving power factor and reducing reactive power flow, resulting in energy savings and potential cost reduction. 3