Reactors Product Catalog

Final product specifications subject to change at any time. Get best-in-class performance with our RL Line/Load Reactors. Our RL Line/Load Reactors are a robust, best-in-class filtering solution for virtually any 4 or 6-pulse rectifier or power conversion unit. There is no need to derate these reactors. They are harmonic compensated and protected to assure optimum performance in the presence of harmonics, and can help you meet IEEE-519 requirements. There are units available for a full line of currents (1A to 1,500A) and a full line of impedance options (1.5%, 3% and 5%). Robust design and construction for unequaled filtering of power line disturbances. Highest continuous service factor virtually eliminates breakdowns in the field. Reduces audible noise. Multiple cabinet designs help meet NEMA 1/2 and 3R. RL Reactors Waveform without reactor Waveform without reactor Waveform with reactor Waveform with reactor MTE Output Reactor MTE Input Reactor RL Reactors RL Reactors Utility Power Motor VFD Performance Specifications Impedance Levels 1.5%, 3% and 5% Continuous Service Factor Reactors rated 1 to 750 Amps – 150% of rating Reactors rated above 750 Amps – 125% of rating Overload Rating 200% of rated for 30 minutes 300% of rated for 1 minute Input Voltage Range 208V – 690V Current Range 1A – 1,500A Temperature Rise 135°C Ambient Temperature -40°C to 50°C Altitude Maximum Without Derating 1,000 meters Fundamental Frequency 50/60 Hz Inductance Curve 100% at 100% Current 100% at 150% Current 50% at 350% Current 0 3300 6600 9900 13200 16500 1.05 1.00 0.95 0.90 0.85 0.80 0.75 0.70 Current Derating Factor Altitude (feet) Altitude Derating Curve 6