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The Lowrance legacy It all started in the 1950s, with Darrell Lowrance and his efforts to use transistorized sonar technology to detect fish. His vision has defined the Lowrance legacy for more than six decades – a legacy born on the water. He set out to change the way people fished. He did just that in1957with the introduction of thefirst recreational fishfinder, the FISH-LO-K-TOR, affectionately known by millions as the Little Green Box. That first Lowrance fishfinder spawned the recreational fishfinder industry and set Lowrance, the brand, on a path of innovation and achievement that still drives us today. Our legacy as the top brand in marine electronics has been sustained by more than 60 years of innovation, reliability and quality, all driven by a never-ending quest to help anglers find more fish. ®

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SONAR TECHNOLOGY ActiveTarget® LIVE SONAR Before high-resolution ActiveTarget Live Sonar – when anglers found fish with traditional sonar only – catching fish depended more on fishing experience or a trial-and-error process with different lures and presentations. Knowing how fish responded to a specific lure or presentation speed was often a mystery. With ActiveTarget, anglers get immediate feedback on how fish are relating to structure and reacting to their lure presentation – as it happens – letting them know if their approach is working or if it is time to change things up to get fish to strike. Track fish with Forward or Down views, or use Scout view to see an ultra-wide, overhead view of structure and fish activity in front of your boat – perfect for finding bait balls and big schools of fish. ActiveTarget is compatible with HDS® LIVE, HDS Carbon® and Elite FS™ displays. 2

Perfect for pinpointing fish-holding areas like rockpiles, standing timber, weedbeds, ditches and drop-offs, Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 with Lowrance CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ delivers superior clarity, the best target separation and extreme, high-resolution images of fish and structure at a longer range than any other structure imaging technology. ACTIVE IMAGING™ SideScan DownScan Imaging CHIRP Sonar Makes fishing easier by combining on one screen the proven target identification of Lowrance CHIRP sonar with the high-resolution images of bottom detail and structure from DownScan Imaging. FishReveAL™ Baitfish Structure Fish Fish Structure Colourline™ illustrates target hardness — the lighter the colour, the harder the target Get the best views of fish right out of the box – even when they are close to the bottom or suspended in tight schools – with Lowrance CHIRP sonar, featuring exclusive Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™). LOWRANCE CHIRP Delivering a high-resolution 360-degree view around the boat, Ghost 360* makes it easier for anglers to pinpoint structure, cover and fish targets around their boat. *Requires Ghost® Trolling Motor with Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 nosecone installed. GHOST 360 3

FAMILY OVERVIEW Used by more fishing tour pros than any other brand, HDS™ LIVE displays have the clearest and brighest SolarMAX™ HD IPS screens and the fastest processor. Available in 16-, 12-, 9 and 7-inch models, HDS LIVE displays include support for new high-resolution ActiveTarget Live Sonar and Active Imaging™ 3-in-1. Ultimate FishingSystem™ Available in 9-, 7- and 5-inch models HOOK™ Reveal is designed for ease of use, featuring Autotuning Sonar, FishReveal™ and Genesis® Live real-time mapping, which makes locating key fishing areas – or mapping new ones – quick and easy. A Revelation in Easy Fish Finding ® Elite™ FS includes support for the complete line-up of Lowrance® sonar in an easy to use and easy to install package. Elite FS is available in 9- and 7-inch and includes support for new, high-resolution ActiveTarget Live Sonar and Active Imaging 3-in-1. Targeting Fish Just Got Easier ™ ® 4

Lowrance® App The Lowrance App can be used as a standalone tool or synced with Lowrance devices for added benefits – from device registration, software updates and other downloads to saving waypoints, routes and trails, making them accessible both on and off the water. The app works from a smart phone, tablet or computer and is available on the Android® Play Store and Apple® App Store. CAPABILITIES HDSLIVE ELITE FS REVEAL SolarMAX™ HD Display SolarMAX Display Touchscreen Multi-touch High-Performance Processor CHIRP DownScan Imaging™ SideScan FishReveal™ ActiveTarget Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 Ghost® Trolling Motor LiveCast* Genesis ® Live Auto-Routing Smartphone notifications Ethernet Networking Live Network Sonar Dual Channel CHIRP Internal GPS antenna (excludes sonar only displays) Wireless Connectivity NMEA 2000® NMEA 0183 Engine Integration SmartSteer™ MotorGuide® Xi5 Trolling Motor Control SmartSteer Outboard Pilot Power-Pole® Anchor Radar SonicHub® 2/NMEA 2000® Audio Video Input *Compatible only with HDS-12 and HDS-16 Live 5

The Ultimate Fishing System ® HDS® LIVE displays are used by more pros on the MLF, Bassmaster and FLW tours than any other fishfinder . Why? It’s simple – when money is on the line and catching fish matters, HDS LIVE gives them the best chance to win. From support for new high-resolution ACTIVETARGET® Live Sonar and extreme high-definition Active Imaging™ with Lowrance® CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ to full touchscreen control of Power Pole® anchors and the Ghost® trolling motor – you will find more fish with HDS LIVE – that’s a fact. 6

• ActiveTarget® Live Sonar Ready • SolarMAX™ HD screens with the brightest and clearest sonar images • Fastest processor for smoother operation and quicker chart redraws • Support for Active Imaging 3-in-1 sonar with SideScan and DownScan Imaging • FishReveal™ • Full integration with Ghost Trolling Motor • C-MAP® Genesis® Live mapping • C-MAP Easy Routing™ + Navionics® Autorouting™ capability • LiveCast™ smartphone (16/12 only) • Smartphone notifications • True High-Definition, six-panel splitscreen (HDS LIVE 16 only) • Touchscreen control of trolling motor, outboard pilot and Power-Pole • SonicHub®2 Audio ready • HALO®24, 20+ and 20 Pulse Compression Radar Compatible • Mercury® VesselView® Link ready • Sleek, true flush-mount design • Wide range of mapping options including C-MAP®, Navionics® and more Key Features YOUR ULTIMATE FISHING SYSTEM BEGINS WITH HDS LIVE. Engine Integration POINT-1 GPS Sonar ACTIVETARGET® LIVE SONAR HALO® RADAR SALTWATER ACTIVETARGET® LIVE SONAR Engine integration POINT-1 GPS Sonar FRESHWATER Build your Ultimate Fishing System with HDS LIVE, simply add your choice of fish-finding tools – from ActiveTarget Live Sonar, Active Imaging 3-in-1 with SideScan/DownScan Imaging and FishReveal to Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors, the Ghost Trolling Motor and more. 7

Targeting Fish just Got Easier The Elite Fishing System™ (FS) combines the power of the full line-up of Lowrance® fishfinding tools in a more affordable, easy-to-use display. From high-resolution ActiveTarget live sonar and extreme high-definition Active Imaging™ with Lowrance CHIRP sonar, SideScan/DownScan Imaging™ and FishReveal™, Elite FS gives you all the tools you need to find and catch more fish. Elite FS displays bring enhanced integration capability to the Elite series with full Ethernet networking, wireless connectivity and engine integration, plus touchscreen control of Power Pole® anchors and the Ghost® Trolling Motor. ™ 8

• ActiveTarget Live Sonar ready • Active Imaging 3-in-1 ready • FishReveal • C-MAP Easy Routing™, Navionics® Autorouting capability • C-MAP Genesis Live Real-Time Mapping • Multitouch • Halo® 20, 20+ and 24 Radar compatible • Wide range of mapping options including C-MAP, Navionics® and more • Touchscreen control of MotorGuide® Xi5 trolling motors and Power Pole shallow water anchors • SonicHub®2 Audio Server ready • Engine integration and outboard pilot control • Wireless connectivity • Full Ghost Trolling Motor integration • Full networking • Easy to use, easy to install Key features Add ActiveTarget to your Elite FS system and track fish and your presentation with high-resolution views in front or below your boat, or use the Scout mode to see an ultra-wide, overhead view of structure and fish activity in front of your boat, perfect for finding bait balls and big schools of fish. ACTIVETARGET LIVE SONAR 9

HOOK™ Reveal makes fishing easier, delivering powerful performance with proven fish-finding tools, including Autotuning Sonar, SideScan* and DownScan Imaging™, plus FishReveal™, a powerful fishfinding feature that makes fish easier to see by combining the benefits of Lowrance® CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging on one screen. Whether you’re fishing a local spot or unfamiliar water, find the best fishing and map uncharted water – in real time – with Genesis Live®. *Requires TripleShot transducer. A Revelation in Easy Fish Finding ® 10

• Easy to use • Models available with TripleShot (High CHIRP | SideScan | DownScan Imaging) or SplitShot (High CHIRP | DownScan) transducers • FishReveal • Genesis Live Real-Time Mapping • Enjoy automated sonar settings with Autotuning Sonar • SolarMAX™ Display • Double the sonar coverage of traditional fish finders • Wide range of fishfinding colour palettes • Keypad with one-touch access to key features • Mapping options include C-MAP®, C-MAP Genesis, Navionics® and more • MicroSD card slot • Easy front-dash or gimbal-bracket mount key features Select a HOOK Reveal for the way you fish from combos featuring Tripleshot 3-in-1, 50/200 HDI sonar, 83/200 HDI sonar and HOOK2 Bullet sonar with chartplotter or basic GPS plotter navigation capability. THERE’S A HOOK MADE FOR YOU *Requires microSD card Update the mapping of your favourite fishing spot or map uncharted areas – in real time – on the screen of your fishfinder/chartplotter with C-MAP Genesis Live. Genesis Live is available on HDS®LIVE, Elite FSTM and on both HOOK® Reveal mapping and non-mapping GPS Plotter* models. GENESIS LIVE - MAPPING IN REAL TIME MODEL HOOK2 4X HOOK2 4X Plotter HOOK Reveal 5 HOOK Reveal 7 HOOK Reveal 5 HOOK Reveal 7 HOOK Reveal 9 HOOK Reveal 7 HOOK Reveal 9 TRANSDUCER BULLET BULLET 83/200 HDI 83/200 HDI 50/200 HDI 50/200 HDI 50/200 HDI TRIPLESHOT TRIPLESHOT FISHREVEAL BROADBAND SOUNDER CHIRP DOWNSCAN IMAGING SIDESCAN IMAGING GENESIS LIVE GPS MAPPING GPS PLOTTER DEEP WATER PERFORMANCE ✓ ✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ 11

ICE FISHING Lowrance® Ice Machines and All-Season Packs are easy to transport, come with an adjustable display mount, a pair of tackle boxes, a power cable and a battery ensuring you have everything you need, whether you are fishing from a small boat, or a stationery location, like ice or a dock. The HOOK Reveal 5 Ice Machine offers simple menus, easy access to key functions and Autotuning sonar. Powered by proven Lowrance performance, the Ice Machine features High CHIRP coverage, plus a built-in GPS. HOOK Reveal 5 Ice Machine From frozen lakes to summer heat and everything in between, you’ll be fishing ready for all conditions with portable, HOOK2 4x All-Season Packs, featuring high-resolution 4-inch display, Lowrance Broadband sonar and exclusive Autotuning sonar. All-Season Packs are available as sonar only and GPS Plotter models. HOOK2 4x All Season Packs 12

Kayak fishing has never been more popular and for good reason. Kayaks are more affordable than boats, provide access to areas boats can’t reach and are easier to transport and store. Rig your kayak with one of our Elite FS or HOOK Reveal displays and you can bring the same fishfinding sonar boaters have relied on for decades to your kayak. The Portable Kayak Kit secures the battery, transducer and display to a single box, making it easy to mount and remove Lowrance products from the kayak, and features built-in transducer cable management that keeps excess transducer cable away from the anglers fishing from a kayak. KAYAK FISHING The Kayak Scupper Mount is the most convenient way to mount Lowrance transducers on sit-on-top kayaks without the hassle of drilling holes or using messy adhesives. The Scupper Mount ensures the transducer is totally submerged in the water while fishing, which provides maximum sonar sensitivity and the clearest views of structure and fish. Fits Lowrance Skimmer® transducers, including HDI™ with DownScan Imaging™. kajak kit • CellBlokTM supports 6AH 12V battery • CellBlok is compatible with any unit that uses the Lowrance® Quick Release Bracket • Built-in transducer cable management keeps excess transducer cable out of the way • RAM® Mount swing arm allows quick and easy mounting of all Lowrance Skimmer® transducers. Key Features Kayak Scupper Mount 13

Quiet by Name. Powerful by Design. Fish longer, run faster and move in closer to the fish with rugged, reliable and ultra-quiet Ghost® Trolling Motors. Ghost has a quiet and powerful brushless motor with the most thrust and the longest run time of any trolling motor on the market. Never spook another fish with the Ghost brushless motor, which delivers 25-percent more power and 60-percent greater efficiency, allowing you to silently cover more water, easily anchor when and where you want – even in strong winds – and stay on the water longer without draining your battery. T R O L L I N G M O T O R ® 14

• Reliable • Silent Operation • Fastest Top-End Speed • Total Integration with HDS®LIVE and Elite FS™ • ActiveTarget® Live Sonar mounting options • Fly-By-Wire Steering • Plug-and-Play HDI™ Nosecone, plus optional Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 Nosecone with 360-degree views • Configurable Foot-pedal • Interference Free • Flexible Installation • 360° Breakaway Mount • Easy to Stow and Go Key Features High-resolution Ghost 360* provides a complete 360-degree view of the bottom, making it easier for anglers to pinpoint structure, cover and fish targets. The high-resolution, 360-degree scans of structure and cover – with up to a 300-foot max radius – are generated by the automatic rotation of the Ghost® Trolling Motor with an Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 nosecone installed. *Requires Active Imaging 3-in-1 nosecone. Ghost 360 Zoom from spot to spot or zip across the cove with up to 25-percent more thrust than competing models. Ghost’s brushless motor also delivers 60-percent better run-time efficiency. INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE Instant and smooth fly-by-wire steering control gives Ghost® the feel of a traditional cable-steer motor, but without the physical cables that wear out over time. FLY-BY-WIRE STEERING Configurable Ghost foot pedal has via programmable shortcut buttons and a Flipswitch™ that allows the trolling motor to be driven from either side of the pedal. The foot pedal features a batterylevel indicator, plus Anchor and Heading mode quick access keys. Program the shortcut buttons to quickly drop a waypoint or raise/ lower a Power-Pole®. CONFIGURABLE FOOT-PEDAL So silent you’ll wonder if it’s running, Ghost allows you to move in closer than ever before with its ultra-quiet brushless motor. Fish will never hear you coming. SILENT OPERATION Steer your boat, adjust your speed, set up route navigation or anchor at your current location with full touchscreen control from HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and Elite FS™ displays. TOTAL INTEGRATION The longer trolling motor shafts are perfect for walleye and bass boats with higher bows. AVAILABLE WITH 47-, 52- AND 60-INCH SHAFTS! Ghost’s powerful and precise anchoring lets you anchor your boat on a waypoint, at your current location or anywhere on the map – regardless of wind conditions. OWN YOUR SPOT Control the Ghost trolling motor from anywhere on your boat with the optional TMR-1 Remote. (Included with Ghost 60). TMR-1 REMOTE 15

MAPPING UPGRADES Lowrance® fishfinder/chartplotters are compatible with a wide range of chart options, allowing you to handpick a map that best suits your mapping preferences from C-MAP®, Navionics® and more. C-MAP® DISCOVERTM • ULTRA-WIDE COVERAGE WITH ALL THE FEATURES • Full-Featured Ultra-Wide Coverage • High-Resolution Bathymetry • Custom Depth Shading • Easy Routing • Detailed Marina Port Plans • Online Updates (12 months free) • Full Featured Vector Charts • Tides & Currents • Harbour & Approach Details KEY FEATURES: C-MAP RevealTM • THE BEST INLAND MAPPING ON A REGIONAL CARD Whether cruising, fishing or sailing, C-MAP REVEAL charts present the very best of C-MAP including all DISCOVER features, plus Shaded Relief, Reveal Seafloor coverage and more. • C-MAP Reveal seafloor coverage • High-Resolution Bathymetry • Shaded Relief • Aerial Photography • Satellite Overlay • Dynamic Raster Charts • Full Featured Vector Charts • Custom Depth Shading • Easy Routing • Tides & Currents • Detailed Marina Port Plans • Harbour & Approach Details • Online Updates (12 months free) KEY FEATURES: 16

Navionics® Navionics charts offer optional high-definition layers, including 3D, Satellite Overlay, Panoramic Port Pictures, Dynamic Tides & Current, SonarChart™ Live and much more. C-MAP Genesis® C-MAP Genesis allows you to create your own high definition fishing maps with one-foot contours. You can upload your maps to the community and explore and download other maps created by other users. • Survey quality Contour Data • Custom depth shading • Points of Interest • High resolution satellite imagery • Preset Depth Shading Palettes, including Safety Shading • Includes fishing regulations, records and ID photos KEY FEATURES: 17

NAVIGATION The Link-9 features an integrated GPS receiver, a removable fist mic, NMEA 2000® connectivity, a built-in dual channel AIS receiver with AIS plot functionality, dual watch, tri-watch, all-scan, more intuitive user interface, a larger LCD and a new industrial design. Link-9 HALO Radar Available with industry-leading 60 RPM operation* at close range, HALO Radar delivers the ultimate in collision avoidance. Identify hazards in an instant with VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology and enjoy simultaneous short- and long-range coverage. HALO24, HALO20+ and HALO20 Radars are compatible with HDS™ LIVE and Elite™ FS displays. *HALO24/HALO20+ only Navigating with Lowrance® has never been safer or easier – from revolutionary HALO® Radar and Link™-6S and Link-9 VHF Radios to the Precision™-9 compass and SmartSteer™ control of the Lowrance Outboard Pilot – you will have more control and greater situational awareness than ever. Communicate clearly with this dependable Class D DSC Approved marine VHF radio featuring a four-button fist microphone, intuitive rotary and keypad controls and a new front-mountable mechanical design for easy installation. LINK-6S The Precision-9 Compass measures motion on nine separate axes to supply the most accurate heading and rate-of-turn information possible for Lowrance autopilot, radar and navigation systems. Precision-9 Lowrance Autopilots Lowrance autopilot packs for HDS displays provide automatic steering for cable-steer or hydraulic steer outboard motors on or low or high-current hydraulic steering pumps, mechanical drive units, or solenoid valves for inboard motors with our NAC-2 and NAC-3 pilots via NMEA 2000® networking and NMEA 0183® input with HDS®LIVE. Steer to a heading, waypoint or along a route with integrated SmartSteer control. Integrated electronic compass provides 10Hz GPS position updates plus compass heading for chart stabilization and radar overlay, plus accurate vessel heading, even at low speeds. Point-1 GPS 18

With Lowrance® networking solutions, you can download C-MAP® Genesis ® maps, map purchases and software updates directly to HDS LIVE and Elite FS displays. View/control your HDS or Elite FS display on a smartphone/tablet, stream music, monitor the weather and more. NETWORKING Power Pole® Connectivity Enjoy independent or simultaneous control of multiple Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors and make manual or automatic adjustments directly from your touchscreen of HDS LIVE and Elite FS displays. NMEA 2000® Lowrance NMEA 2000® network devices will share and/or display user-selectable data with displays and instruments installed on a NMEA 2000 network. 19

LOWRANCE® PART NUMBERS Elite FS 9 With Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (ROW) 000-15693-001 Elite FS 9 No Transducer (ROW) 000-15706-001 Elite FS 7 With Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (ROW) 000-15689-001 Elite FS 7 No Transducer (ROW) 000-15702-001 Elite FS 7 HDI (ROW) 000-15697-001 ELITE FS HDS LIVE 16 With Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (ROW) 000-14437-001 HDS LIVE 16 No Transducer (ROW) 000-14436-001 HDS LIVE 12 With Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (ROW) 000-14431-001 HDS LIVE 12 No Transducer (ROW) 000-14430-001 HDS LIVE 9 With Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (ROW) 000-14425-001 HDS LIVE 9 No Transducer (ROW) 000-14424-001 HDS LIVE 7 With Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (ROW) 000-14419-001 HDS LIVE 7 No Transducer (ROW) 000-14418-001 LR-1 Remote LR-1 Remote Control for HDS LIVE Displays 000-14505-001 HDS LIVE HOOK Reveal HOOK REVEAL 9 TripleShot High CHIRP / SideScan / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15531-001 HOOK REVEAL 9 50/200 HDI Low/High CHIRP / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15527-001 HOOK REVEAL 7 TripleShot High CHIRP / SideScan / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15520-001 HOOK REVEAL 7 83/200 HDI Med/High CHIRP / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15518-001 HOOK REVEAL 7 50/200 HDI Low/High CHIRP / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15516-001 HOOK REVEAL 5 83/200 Med/High CHIRP / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15504-001 HOOK REVEAL 5 50/200 Low/High CHIRP / DownScan Chartplotter 000-15502-001 HOOK2 HOOK2 4x GPS Bullet GPS Plotter with 200 kHz 000-14015-001 HOOK2 4x Bullet 200 kH 000-14013-001 HOOK RANGE 20

HALO24 Radar Pulse Compression Radar 000-14541-001 HALO20+ Radar Pulse Compression Radar 000-14542-001 HALO20 Radar Pulse Compression Radar 000-14543-001 Precision-9 Compass Precision-9 Solid State Compass 000-12607-001 NAIS-500 NAIS-500 System—Class B AIS with NPSL-500, GPS-500 Antenna 000-13963-001 Point-1 Antenna Point-1 Heading and GPS Sensor 000-11047-002 Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack Lowrance Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack 000-11748-001 Outboard Pilot Cablesteer Pack Lowrance Outboard Pilot Cablesteer Pack 000-11749-001 NAVIGATION Fluid Level NMEA 2000 Fluid Level Sensor 000-11518-001 Fuel Flow NMEA 2000 Fuel Flow Sensor 000-11517-001 Fuel Data NMEA 2000 Fuel Data Manager 000-11522-001 Pressure Sensor NMEA 2000 Pressure Sensor 000-11523-001 Temp Sensor NMEA 2000 Temperature Sensor 000-11520-001 Thru-Hull Temp NMEA 2000 Thru-Hull Temperature Sensor 000-11521-001 Speed Sensor NMEA 2000 Paddlewheel Speed Sensor 000-11519-001 NMEA 2000 NETWORK SENSORS HOOK Reveal 5 Ice Machine Ice Transducer 000-15544-001 HOOK2 4x GPS All-Season Pack GPS Plotter with 200 kHz Transducer 000-14184-001 HOOK2 4x All-Season Pack 200 kHz Transducer 000-14183-001 ICE MACHINES AUDIO Speaker Pack Lowrance 6.5" Marine Speakers 000-12304-001 Ghost 47 Trolling Motor Freshwater 47” Trolling Motor 000-14937-001 Ghost 52 Trolling Motor Freshwater 52” Trolling Motor 000-14938-001 Ghost 60 Trolling Motor Freshwater 60” Troling Motor with TMR-1 Remote 000-15480-001 Active Imaging 3-in-1 Nosecone Active Imaging 3-in-1 Nosecone 000-14900-001 TNR-1 Remote Ghost Trolling Motor Remote 000-15468-001 GHOST TROLLING MOTOR 21

Kayak Kit Portable Kayak Kit 000-12292-001 MOUNTING ACCESSORIES Link-9 VHF Link-9 Class D DSC VHF Radio 000-14472-001 Link-6S VHF Link-6S Class D DSC VHF Radio 000-14493-001 COMMUNICATION Transducer Tilt Frequency Compatible Units Connector Part Number Active Imaging 3-in-1 — Med/High/CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 9-Pin 000-14489-001 Active Imaging 3-in-1 (6-foot cable) — Med/High/CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 9-Pin 000-14814-001 Active Imaging 2-in-1 — SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 9-Pin 000-14490-001 ActiveTarget — ActiveTarget with Module HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS 9-Pin 000-15593-001 High Speed Skimmer — Med/High CHIRP HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti 2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin 000-14884-001 High Speed Skimmer — Low/High CHIRP HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti 2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin 000-14885-001 HDI Skimmer (Lowrance Blue) — Med/High CHIRP/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin xSonic 000-12570-001 HDI Skimmer — Low/High CHIRP/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti 2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin xSonic 000-12569-001 Bullet Skimmer — 200 kHz HOOK2 4x Bullet 6-Pin 000-14027-001 SplitShot — High CHIRP/DownScan HOOK2 SplitShot Displays 8-Pin 000-14028-001 TripleShot — High CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan HOOK2 TripleShot Displays 8-Pin 000-14029-001 TRANSDUCERS - TRANSOM MOUNT LOWRANCE® PART NUMBERS *Requires Adaptor Cable 22

*Requires Adaptor Cable, **Trolling Motor Mount Only *Requires Adaptor Cable Transducer Tilt Frequency Compatible Units Connector Part Number StructureScan 3D (Stainless steel, single) — 3D/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon Dual 12-Pin 000-13559-001 StructureScan 3D (Stainless steel, pair) — 3D/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon Dual 12-Pin 000-13560-001 StructureScan HD (Plastic, single) — SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon 9-Pin 000-11029-001 StructureScan HD (Stainless steel, single) — SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon 9-Pin 000-11459-001 StructureScan HD (Stainless steel, pair) — SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon 9-Pin 000-11460-001 StructureScan 3D (Stainless steel, single) — Low/High CHIRP/3D/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE*, HDS Carbon Dual 12-Pin, 7-Pin 000-14254-001 StructureScan 3D (Stainless steel, single) — Med/High CHIRP/3D/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE*, HDS Carbon Dual 12-Pin, 7-Pin 000-14255-001 TotalScan (Stainless steel, single) — Low/High CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti 2 9-Pin 000-14259-001 TotalScan (Stainless steel, single) — Med/High CHIRP SideScan/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti 2 9-Pin 000-14257-001 Bronze HDI 0 Low/High CHIRP/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 9-Pin 000-13905-001 12 Low/High CHIRP/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 9-Pin 000-13906-001 20 Low/High CHIRP/DownScan HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 9-Pin 000-13907-001 TRANSDUCERS - THRU HULL Transducer Tilt Frequency Compatible Units Connector Part Number Pod Shoot-Thru (No Temp) — Med/High CHIRP HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin 000-14886-001 Pod - Trolling Motor** — Med/High CHIRP HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin 000-14888-001 Pod Shoot-Thru (Remote Temp) — Med/High CHIRP HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal 9/7/5*, HOOK2 12/7/5* 9-Pin 000-14887-001 TRANSDUCERS - TROLLING MOTOR/SHOOT-THRU HULL 7-to-9 Pin Adapter Connects 7-Pin transducers to displays with 9-Pin connectors (HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2) 000-13313-001 7-Pin HOOK2 Adapter Connects 7-Pin transducers to HOOK2 5/7/9/12 000-14068-001 9-Pin HOOK2 Adapter Connect 9-Pin xSonic transducers to HOOK2 5/7/9/12 000-14069-001 9-Pin Black to 7-Pin Blue Connects 9-Pin transducers to displays with 7-Pin blue connectors 000-13977-001 7-Pin to HOOK2 4x Adapter Connects 7-Pin transducers to HOOK2 4x displays 000-14070-001 ADAPTER CABLES 23

ELITE-9 FS ELITE-7 FS 463.1 mm (18.23”) 430.5 mm (16.95”) 74.8 mm (2.95”) 13.0 mm (0.51”) 259.2 mm (10.20”) 262.9 mm (10.35”) 80.0 mm (3.15”) 102.0 mm (4.01”) 134.1 mm (5.28”) HDS LIVE 16 375.2 mm (14.77”) 347.5 mm (13.68”) 69.9 mm (2.75”) 13.0 mm (2.75”) 228.5 mm (9.00”) 241.9 mm (9.52”) 80.0 mm (3.15”) 99.0 mm (3.90”) 130.2 mm (5.13”) HDS LIVE 12 308.0 mm (12.13”) 280.0 mm (11.02”) 166.7 mm (6.56”) 178.8 mm (7.04”) 64.6 mm (2.54”) 13.0 mm (0.51”) 73.1 mm (2.88”) 93.7 mm (3.69”) 103.22 mm (4.06”) HDS LIVE 9 HDS LIVE 7 HDS LIVE DIMENSIONS ELITE FS DIMENSIONS

162.3 mm (6.39“) 175.2 mm (6.90“) 287.1 mm (11.30“) 82.7 mm (3.26“) 28.9 mm (1.14“) HOOK REVEAL 9 164.2 mm (6.46“) 83.4 mm (3.28“) 28.9 mm (1.14“) 236.4 mm (9.31“) 143.3 mm (5.64“) HOOK REVEAL 7 83.4 mm (3.28“) 28.9 mm (1.14“) 185.7 mm (7.31“) 128.7 mm (4.07“) 111.2 mm (4.38“) HOOK REVEAL 5 165.3 mm (6.51“) 23.1 mm (0.91“) 84.1 mm (3.31“) 96.4 mm (3.80“) 116.8 mm (4.60“) HOOK2 4X HOOK REVEAL DIMENSIONS HOOK2 DIMENSIONS 25

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