Attwood 2023 Catalog SEATING SYSTEMS & PEDESTALS 195 Centric Molded Foam Packs Molded foam packs are contoured to enhance the ergonomic shape of Centric’s seat core for maximum comfort and style. Eliminates labor-intensive and costly cut foam and provides a consistent shape that improves the quality of the upholstered seat. Centric foam packs are offered with a choice of integrated “hook and loop” or “onsert” upholstery methods. Hook and Loop - Joins upholstery seam-to-foam to form a moderate tuck. Onserts - provide a deep tucked seam depth by using a separate upholstered panel. ATT002 ATT007 For questions regarding Attwood's most up-to-date seating selections, or for assistance with your seating application, contact your Sales Representative or Attwood Customer Service. ATT001 ATT009 ATT008 ATT016 Description For Use with Component(s) ABYC Code OEM Part # Part # Backrest Foam Packs Mid-Back, Hook & Loop 98100 AO, AN ATT001 — High-Back, w/Onsert 98120, 7006 AO, AN ATT008 — Mid-Back, w/Onsert 98100, 7009 AO, AN ATT009 — Mid-Back II Foam Pack 98121, 98124 AO, AN ATT016 — Seat Pan Foam Packs Sport Weight Hook & Loop 98100, 98200, 98120, 98121 AO, AN ATT002 — Luxury Weight Hook & Loop 98100, 98200, 98120, 98121 AO, AN ATT007 — AN: Non-Operator (Not to be used at the helm/driver position) AO: Operator (Used at the helm/driver position) See page 184 for ABYC Requirements