Attwood 2023 Catalog WATER SYSTEMS & VENTILATION 26 Aerator Remote Mounting Brackets For mounting the aerator pump to a base, away from the transom. Description OEM Part # Part # 1-1/8" Aerator remote mounting bracket 4121-1 4121-3 3/4" Aerator remote mounting bracket 4122-1 4122-3 Aerator Spray Heads For use on livewells that have built-in overflows or recirculating systems. Adjustable Spray Heads Mounts on sides of tank. 90° fitting for installation in tight spaces. Rotating head with O-ring adjusts and maintains flow setting. Removable head has an “interference-fit thread design” that will not allow it to vibrate or blow out. Polypropylene construction. Can be installed on tanks with up to 5/8" wall thickness. Non-Adjustable Spray Heads Multi-port spray maximizes oxygen level in the livewell. Constructed of ABS plastic. Double Valve Spray Head - Allows aerating options – one end can be used for freshwater fill, the other end with a recirculating pump. Single Valve Spray Head - For output from an aerator pump into the livewell. Description Hose I.D. OEM Part # Part # Adjustable Spray Heads Aerator spray head 3/4" 4125-1 4125-7 Aerator spray head w/male connector for Flow-Rite™ Qwik-Lok™ Coupler 3 3/4" 4123-1 — Non-Adjustable Spray Heads Aerator spray head, single valve 3/4" 4118A1 4118A5 Check Tees These check tees replace additional connections for RV and marine hookups, providing a combination check valve and tee that allows water to flow in from the dockside connection without filling the tank. Constructed of ABS plastic. Combination Barbed Fitting Inlet and outlet both have combination fittings: Comes with 3/8" barbs that can be removed to accommodate 1/4" NPT fitting. 1/2" NPT fitting for dockside water connection. Description OEM Part # Part # Combination barbed fitting 6115-1 — 4121 4122 4125 4123 6115 4118A