Attwood 2023 Catalog LIGHTING 62 PowerBase Series The intelligent, automated folding light and Antenna. Why PowerBase PowerBase easily stows and deploys lights and antennas with the push of a button PowerBase is the only intelligent light/antenna with object detection technology • SafeGuard Breakaway – In the event of an impact, powerbase will safely return to stowed position preventing potential damage to fiberglass top. • SmartDeploy Backdrive – In the event of a blocked deployment, PowerBase senses an obstruction and reverses the light/antenna back to it starting position. PowerBase is designed for worry-free installation and operation from assembly line to marina • Standardized mounting patterns allow for upgradeability. • Intuitive control without switch limitations. PowerBase is compatible/built with the leading industry equipment • For use with antennas up to 8 ft. In length (Powerbase Antenna). • Available in masthead and all-round configurations featuring Attwood’s LightArmor LED technology (PowerBase Light). Powered Fold-down Control at the Helm Easily fold down navigation lights and antennas without needing to dangerously climb seats, ladders, or gunwales Safeguard Breakaway Keep peace of mind knowing that upon impact with a bridge or branch, unit will breakaway preventing damage to your light, antenna, and hard-top SmartDeploy Backdrive Deploy lights and antennas without worry as the unit senses obstructions and automatically retracts – all the while notifying you of the obstruction Intuitive Control Without Switch Limitations Simplistic control scheme ensures boaters are always kept in control, without forcing proprietary switches Visual System State Feedback LED feedback makes boaters aware of failures to ensure that they’re always compliant, even if there is a mechanical/electronic failure on the vessel Uses Existing Standardized Mounting Patterns Ensures builders and boaters alike can utilize existing tooling to replace current manual fixtures Follows Existing Wiring Paths Wiring follows path of existing manual fold-down lights to the digital/analog switch for feedback and control Manual Adjustment Failsafe Easy to use manual override ensures boaters can always deploy lights in the event of system failure 180° Range of Motion PowerBase may be mounted so that the light/antenna folds toward a boat’s stern or bow Additional Features