Attwood 2023 Catalog LIGHTING 67 Incandescent Anchor/Masthead Lights Three-mile, 360° light visibility for use on boats up to 65.6 ft. (20 m). Assembly includes new LightArmor™ bases. • Robust and easy to use • Freshwater and saltwater compatible • Simple, one-piece lens is sealed from water • Concealed, protected wiring at the base • Uses two festoon-style 8W lamps • Typical installation requires (2) #10 stainless steel screws of length suitable for deck or rail material • Will collapse and not break if accidentally hit Description Base Rated Voltage Pole Length OEM Part # Part # Horizontal Mounted with rail adaptor Composite; Black 12V 12" aluminum — 7201-P-7 12V 20" aluminum — 7202-P-7 Rail Mount Adaptor for Fold-Down light base Composite; Black — — 913670-1 — Stainless Steel — — 913671-1 — Anchor/Masthead Lights Stainless Steel Horizontal Base 7812 FWD HORIZONTAL MOUNT VERTICAL MOUNT AFT Locked Unlocked FWD AFT PORT STBD Locked Unlocked LED Anchor/Masthead Lights Attwood is proud to introduce one of the most innovative navigational lighting products available today. Achieving 3NM of 360° visibility, while drawing a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent lights, Attwood’s 3NM LightArmorTM LED Masthead/Anchor light is one of the first of its kind. Constructed of corrosion resistant composites with stainless steel accents, this product was designed for harsh coastal marine environment. • USCG certified for boats up to 65' (20m) • Provides 3-mile, 360° illumination • Light Armor Anchor/Masthead navigation light engine • Shock-, corrosion-and water-proof electronics • Durable, anodized aluminum pole • Includes new LightArmor Fold-Down Base • Cam-lock bases include integrated wire-management • Easy, single-handed cam-lock operation • Stainless steel • Over 50,000 hour life • 5-year warranty Description Rated Voltage Pole Length OEM Part # Part # Stainless Steel - Horizontal Mount 12V 12" Aluminum 7812-S-1 7812-S-7 12V 24" Aluminum 7824-S-1 — 12V 36" Aluminum 7836-S-1 — 12V 42" Aluminum 7842-S-1 — ZAMAK - Horizontal Mount 12V 12" Aluminum 7812Z1 — For base dimensions see page 64 ZAMAK Base Black Composite Base 913670 913671 3.50" 2.70" 1.52" 3.50" 2.70" 1.24" 3.59" 2.70" 1.42" VERTICAL COMPOSITE BASE STAINLESS STEEL BASE HORIZONTAL COMPOSITE BASE Stainless Steel Base LEGACY REPLACEMENT ONLY