Attwood 2023 Catalog LIGHTING 74 6317 LED Mini Courtesy Lights Attwood’s 1" Mini LED Courtesy Lights offer excellent performance in an affordable package. Designed to be installed with just a hole saw, the Mini’s rubber grommet eliminates fasteners and allows for quick and easy installation. Comes with fully sealed electronics; performs in almost any interior or exterior application. • Compact • Water-and shock-resistant • 50,000 hours of life Description Color OEM Part # Part # Rubber Grommet, Black White 6317-1 — Blue 6319-1 — 6351 6350 LED Micro Lights Industry leading light output in an extremely compact package. With electropolished stainless covers and fully sealed electronics. Attwood Micro Lights perform through the harshest conditions. Can be used in rod storage boxes without risk of water damage, under hardtops, or even mounted to rails. • .66 watts at 12V DC Description Color OEM Part # Part # Stainless Steel Bezel, Vertical Mount White 6350W1 6350W7 Blue 6350B1 6350B7 Stainless Steel Bezel, Horizontal Mount White 6351W1 — Blue 6351B1 — Green 6351G1 — 6355W7 6354W7 6353W7 LED Utility Lights These versatile, surface-mount LED Utility Lights put bright light where you need it. • Water-resistant • 12V DC • Less than 1 Amp draw Description OEM Part # Part # 4", 6 white LED's — 6355W7 6", 12 white LED's — 6354W7 8", 18 white LED's — 6353W7