Attwood 2023 Catalog FUEL 84 Universal Sprayless Connector (USC) EPA Certified / CARB Approved The Universal Sprayless Connector is a safe way to eliminate the spraying of fuel when connecting and disconnecting pressurized fuel hoses during fueling or maintenance. • Attwood’s Universal Sprayless Connector replaces traditional tank fittings and eliminates spray when connecting or disconnecting fuel fittings • High strength body engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment • Female hose and Male hose fittings compatible with 3/8" and 5/16" fuel lines • Male tank fitting has pre-applied fuel-grade thread sealant to prevent fuel leaks and fits all standard 1/4” NPT fittings • Male and female connectors include check valves that automatically close upon disconnecting • High fuel flow fitting (less than .25kPa restriction at 50 liters/hour) • Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels • Compatible with all OEM brand engines Description OEM Part # Part # Male and Female w/Thread Sealant — 8838US6 Hose Female, 5/16"–3/8" 001008200 8838HF6 Tank Male, 1/4" NPT w/Thread Sealant 001008199 8838TM6 Hose Male, 5/16"–3/8" 001011094 8838HM6 Integrated check valves Standard 1/4" NPT with pre-applied thread sealant Singlehanded operation Tank fitting included with all EPA kits 8838US6 8838HM6 8838HF6 8838TM6 PRE-APPLIED FUEL-COMPATIBLE THREAD SEALANT