BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 15 POWER TIP Dual Bank Control Battery Switches These innovative (patented) switches combine the functions of 3 battery switches into one to intuitively manage 2 battery banks and 2 loads. A unique safety position isolates one load e.g. House “On”, Start “Off” in case of engine malfunction, so an emergency radio call can still be made. Significant savings in both space and installation cost can be made, without compromising functionality or safety. Dual Bank Control 1 2 772-DBC-EZ Dual Bank Control—3 Battery Switches in 1 The Dual Bank Control Battery Switches are an ideal all-in-one solution for a boat or RV with one engine, and two battery banks. This switch combines functionality of 3 switches in 1—House, Start, and Emergency Parallel. The unique, patented safety “1 On” position provides isolation of the Start circuits while leaving the House circuits powered. This allows the user to make an emergency radio call following engine malfunction, or to safely service the engine while House circuits are operational. Intuitive switch operation with ergonomically shaped knob allow for easy operation. Unsurpassed cable access, switch studs placed to allow doubled, back-toback cable lugs provide for tidy installations. System Example and the Isolated 1-ON Position In the example below charging is automated by the Digital VSR, so normal control of the system is accomplished by simply turning the Dual Bank Control switch Off/On. Battery banks have been optimized to suit their respective loads, and the load groups are completely isolated during normal operation. The Isolated 1-ON and Emergency Parallel functions are available as additionally required by the user. 1 2 Loads Engine Start Battery DVSR Loads Positive Bus Negative Bus House Battery Fuse Optional Start Battery Fuse House Battery House Battery + – + – + – DVSR (710-140A) provides automatic battery charging of second bank 1, 2 ON 1 ON Parallel OFF Battery Knob Options for 770 Series • For applications where emergency parallel switch needs to be highlighted • Order separately - replaces existing knob 770-KEY-EP Dual Bank Control Switch EZ-Mount Standard 772-DBC-EZ 772-DBC 772-DBC-EZ-B 772-DBC-B Surface ONLY Surface, Rear or Front 48V DC (for 12–48V systems, both banks must be same voltage) 400A Cont / 600A Inter / 1500A Crank 3.85" x 3.85" x 3.62" (98 x 98 x 92 mm) 1, 1/2, Parallel, Off 4x 10 mm (3/8")