BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 18 Specifications - All recessed or surface mount, tin-plated copper studs & nuts, ignition-protected UL1107 Part # LxWxH in LxWxH mm Voltage Function Studs Cable to meet rating Cont. Inter. (5 min) Crank. (10 min) 701-MD 2.7" x 2.7" x 4" 69 x 69 x 101 mm 275A 455A 1250A 9.5–32V DC On/Off 2x 3/8" (10 mm) 3/0 AWG (95mm2) 701-MD-D (Deutsch Plug) Same dimensions and ratings as above 720-MDO 4" x 4" x 4.33" 102 x 102 x 110 mm 500A 700A 2500A 9.5–32V DC On/Off 2x 1/2" (12 mm) 3/0 AWG (95mm2) Remote Operated Battery Switches The motor driven range of battery switches allow you to install the battery switch very close to the battery, allowing remote operation to manage the increased electrical loads found on today’s boats. This reduces cable lengths and sizes, providing significant savings in expense and weight of copper battery cable. They are ideal for remote isolation of bow and stern thrusters. The 720-MDO has been enhanced to offer easy standard installation, or advanced options capable of switching different voltage circuits from the main supply. • Motor driven by remote operation • Battery switch can be mounted alongside battery, reducing cable lengths and cable sizes (large cost and weight saving in copper cables) • Reduced installation labor, due to shorter battery cable runs • Manual override option to meet CE/ABYC requirements • Power draw with switch off for 701-MD @ 15mA and 701-MDCZ @ 12mA • LED status identification for remote control switch • Can be either surface, or rear panel mounted • Uses interchangeable labelling system (Part # 713 or 715 on page 84) 701-MD & 701-MDCZ 720-MDO Optical sensor benefits (720-MDO only) • Same easy connection for standard installation • Ability to control different voltage circuits • Can be used to switch positive or negative lines • Main contacts can be isolated from control circuit allowing operation via another battery source • Low stand by current draw (<5mA)