BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 19 Remote On/Off Key Switch For the remote operation of the 701-MD and 720-MDO battery switches (page 18). Can be mounted standalone or within the Contour Connect panel range. Part # 80-724-0006-00 Wireless Remote Control You can now wirelessly operate your BEP motorized battery switches from a distance of up to 250 ft (80 m) away. • Control up to four separate 5A circuits; eg, 701-MD/720-MDO battery switches, anchor light, navigation lights, and courtesy lights • No more lifting hatches to turn on battery switches — it’s now all controlled from the remote key fob • Control battery switches easily (On/Off) from the dock • Remote has a rolling code, for security • Requires 12V supply for operation, relay channels are fully isolated and are rated 0–32V, 5A • Activation of the four circuits may be either latching (all four the same), or momentary Part # 80-911-0045-00 Terminal Link Kits (TLK's) Now available for the 701 and 720 size battery switches, the TLK's allow for cable connections to be made outside of the body of the switches. Part # 80-708-0017-00 701-MD Part # 80-708-0013-00 720-MDO Battery Knob Options for 701 Series For applications where emergency parallel switch needs to be highlighted. Order separately - replaces existing knob. 701-KEY-EP 701-KEY