BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 22 Battery Distribution Clusters With the successful release of the BEP battery distribution system, BEP saw the need for ready assembled clusters for different applications to make the installation within the battery area even easier. Following is the range as outlined in each diagram, which are overviews only. All clusters are completely bused and pre-wired internally for easy installation. These include all connecting points clearly marked with ABC labels as shown in all illustrations. Single Engine, Two Battery Banks The 714-140A-DVSR uses a dual sensing DVSR (710-140A). This system ensures you will always have a fully charged reserve battery. When the switch is in position one, it becomes the sensing battery for the DVSR. Battery two, which is in isolation, will be charged via the DVSR when the engine is running, ensuring it is always fully charged. When the switch is in battery two position, this becomes the sensing battery and battery one is charged via the VSR. The fact that there is always a fully charged battery in reserve is a huge safety factor. Please note: With the 714-140A-DVSR the electronic loads are run off the same battery as the engine starting battery. Part # 714-140A-DVSR OEM # 714-140A-DVSR-B See table on page 24 for specifications Single Engine, Two Dedicated Battery Banks Available as horizontal or vertical units. To be used in the following systems: 1) Single outboard dual battery bank 2) Single alternator dual battery bank 3) Twin alternator dual battery bank Part # 715-H horizontal Part # 715-V vertical See table on page 24 for specifications See page 27 for panel versions See page 27 for panel versions 715-H 715-V