BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 23 Single Engine, Two Battery Banks An ideal replacement for a Battery Selector Switch. Just remove selector switch and connect existing wires to a 716 cluster, no extra wires are required for a fully automatic battery management system. No more flat start batteries. The 716 cluster is for use on charging systems up to 150A. To be used in the following systems: 1. Single outboard dual battery bank. 2. Single alternator inboard engine dual battery bank. The 716 cluster replaces battery isolator systems. For DVSR operation, see page 20. 716-H-140A-DVSR Twin Engine, Two Banks The 715-S allows the house loads to be switched between port and starboard batteries. The selector switch can also be used to parallel the batteries when in both positions. See table on following page for specifications. Part # 715-S Twin Engine, Three Banks The 718-140A-DVSR is designed for twin inboard systems when it is not practical to have both engine alternators in parallel because of the types of regulators used on these alternators. The house battery is charged from the port engine when the DVSR is engaged. For DVSR operation read, see page 21. See table on following page for specifications. Part # 718-140A-DVSR Part # 716-H-140A-DVSR horizontal Part # 716-V-140A-DVSR vertical Part # 716-SQ-140A-DVSR square See page 27 for panel versions 716-SQ-140A-DVSR