BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 26 Remote Battery Management Clusters • Complete system including all cable links (Battery Control Center ordered separately—see below) • Offers all features of motorized battery switches and Motorized VSRs in one kit. Makes ordering easy! • Clusters are surface mount, and can be rearranged to meet specific needs, such as port and starboard configurations and can be combined with other battery distribution products • Available in single, dual and triple engine configurations Description Part # Single engine remote 80-700-0050-00 Twin engine remote 80-700-0051-00 Triple engine remote 80-700-0052-00 Battery Control Center Sophisticated electrical systems need reliable automation. That’s key. Centralize power handling with the BEP Battery Control Center. Cluster or Contour Connect mounted, delivers hard-handling, good-looking power management where it’s needed. The Battery Control Center (BCC) is equipped with locks on each battery switch position. This ensures group operation at the turn of the key. Any switch can be isolated by disengaging its lock and toggling the switch off. 80-700-0051-00 Triple Engine 80-716-0016-00 Single Engine 80-716-0015-00 80-716-0014-00 Dual Engine