BEP 2023 Catalog BATTERY MANAGEMENT 28 5-way CB Panel • 1x Heavy-Duty CB, 1x Toggle, 3x Push Reset • Equipped to cover essential circuits requirements (bilge, pumps etc) • 50A CB for DC mains or treatment systems • 135A 185 Series CB for anchor windlass • Compliments the other modules for either single or dual engine installations • 3 x 10A push to reset thermal breakers • Custom configurations can be supplied to order Part # CC-804 The below panels are designed for applications where the OEM or panel builder wishes to construct a custom system. They’re supplied as empty panels with all necessary mounting hardware, including one CC-joiner. CC-2 Module Will house the following components: CLB series (push reset) Carling circuit breakers (page 50). Toggle Magnetic Hydraulic Carling circuit breakers (page 51). BEP CB Panel Mount The CC-HDBM module must be ordered separately if ordering BEP 184 & 185 series circuit breakers. Mounting hardware for CB and panel attachment is supplied with module. CC-HDBM CC-1 & CC-5 Modules Will house the following components: 701-PM Panel mount battery on/off (page 17). 701S-PM Panel mount battery selector switch (page 17). 185 Series Heavy-duty circuit breakers (page 49). (CC-HDBM must be ordered with 185 series circuit breakers, one per breaker). 710-140A Voltage Sensitive Relay (see page 21). CC-1 CC-5 Blanking Plate The CC-BLANK will cover an unused hole in CC-1 and CC-2. Attached from the rear of the panel, it allows for expanding with other options at a later date. Part # CC-BLANK Part # Application 708-42.5 For horizontal linking of battery switches in the same panel 708-70.0 For horizontal linking of battery switches studs between two separate panels 708-107-V3 For vertical linking of battery switches between panels Solid Links 708-42.5 Solid terminal links supplied pre-connected with spare links for different orientations (horizontal or vertical) of Contour Connect panels. Must be ordered separately when ordering CC Kitset panels. 708-42.5