BEP 2023 Catalog CONNECTORS & INSULATORS 32 Pro Installer Series Onboard power demands continue to increase as boaters request the comforts of home on their boats. BEP looked at the common products used by electrical installers every day and made significant improvements to their design and construction. The result is a robust product line with greater capacity and extended product life. The valuable space saved onboard gives builders or installers greater flexibility when designing power systems. Since Pro Installer modular assemblies are designed for fast, flexible installation in tight spaces, it's easy to “cluster” products and reduce their mounting footprint. The common interconnection height enables solid link bars to connect multiple Pro Installer products — a smart design feature for watercraft. Like all BEP products, you can be assured of durable construction engineered specifically to handle the challenging marine environment. High-temperature, fiber-reinforced base material provides strength and chemical resistance. All Pro Installer products include a common interconnection height, label recess on the cover, ability to “cluster” and a compact footprint. All studs, washers and nuts are made of stainless steel. See page 14 for Pro Installer Battery Switches to complete your cluster. Features and Benefits: • Common interconnection height makes it easy to ‘cluster’ products • Modular assemblies offer unrivalled flexibility in design/layout • Reduced individual footprints save additional space for the most compact installations • Robust construction for the harshest of marine environments Radiused bar ends and generous stud lengths improve cable routing options for large cables Innovative clear covers insulate/protect on three sides, and include recesses for convenient labeling* Use any label maker with 1/2" stock to create your label Stainless steel studs, washers and nuts Tin-plated copper conductors Covers feature snap-out side skirts for additional cable entry as required High-temperature, fiber reinforced base materials for strength and chemical resistance *Does not come with label fitted